Tuesday, October 9, 2018

It's market day again YEE HAA

 Thursday morning ,and I can hardly wait to finish my cup of 1,2,3 coffee and jump on the Honda Wave, and head on down to the edge of our little village near the rail road tracks, to a open field and watch it transform into a unbelievable fresh food and sellers market.Vendors will come from all over the country to set up their tables of food and wares,and bar-b-que grills,and fry pots,and fresh fish stands and pork and beef butcher tables. What a sight to behold , just like a well orchestrated band all tuned and set up and ready to go at the same time .I have spent many a hour just watching them do the same old thing everyday of their lives to make a living for themselves and their families moving from village to village on certain ,set days , bringing with them all the necessities of life to the people who look forward to them every week. and the most amazing thing is that they do it with a smile.
Ciejay and me had already decided that market day would be my house whole duty. She hates the dirt and dust and almost every time you just get there it will start to rain.
But what she does'nt know is that market day are the high-lite of my week.
I am amazed at the never ending variety of food and anything else you can think of for sale. Fruits,vegetables,meats,cloths, cell phones , dvd's ,pots and pans and furniture and tools of all sorts , just to name a few of the things for sale or trade.
Pork and beef cut to order right before your eyes, fish cleaned and scaled for you on the spot.All of this done without any worry about the hot weather or the fly's and bugs, not to mention the half dozen or so dogs wondering around under foot looking for a handout.
I remember my first trip to the market, Ciejay went with me to translate(really a little hand signs and a few fingers 1 or 2 and tow rai and you're all set)Well I saw this really fresh ,live, big fish on a table in front of me and commented to Ciejay that we couldn't take the whole fish , but I would love to have a couple center cut steaks . Ciejay said something in Thai to the ladybehind the table and the next thing I know , I see this big knife coming from under the table and with a chop ,chop I had 2 of the nicest center cut steaks you have ever seen and the head of the fish was still alive and flopping around on the table.Something you would never see in the good ole US of A.
There are live eels , and live frogs and birds and fried and dried bugs and insects , and anything else you can think of . I even saw one vendor with roasted scorpions on a stick , and to my udder amazement people were buying them. All of this to cook ,clean, fry ,grill, boil , whatever ,and put in a plastic bag or on a stick for you to take home and enjoy.
I can't believe that back home we use to worry so much about sanitation, temperatures,refrigeration and fifty other things so much. We had to worry about salmonella, e-coli and anything else that they our friends and family and the good ole health department could scare us with. Why is it that no one seems to worry about those things here in Thailand , it doesn't take long till all us transplants stop worrying too, or knowing things are not going to change in the near future , just go with the flow or so it seems to me. I don't hear to many complaints, just a lot of" man this Thai food sure is good."
Didn't take me long to figure out that a good hot stove and lots of spices and a whole lot of praying that all that worrying was a big waste of time .
The market I love it , the vendors , I love them, and what a great place to see and meet people. And maybe just maybe if I'm lucky , there just might be a visiting tourist that speaks English and I can loosen up my tongue and get my brain back in the right gear and have a good ole English conversation, what a real treat that would be .And who knows what new surprises might be in store for me next week at THE MARKET. 

Market Day in Wang Pho

Market Day in Wang Pho,
      Most of these veggies were growing out behind his house just the day before , he has a huge garden. I swear this pork is so fresh , I thought I heard a loud squeal These eggs are so fresh that when they start to run low they run out to the truck where the hens are laying more on demand. After all the eggs are laid they then are sold here , minus all their feathers of course Believe it are not , but some of these fish are still flopping around on the table . It's been a while since I posted anything about one of my favorite things to do here in Wang Pho , doing the weekly shopping at our fresh fruit and veggie market and oh ya I don't want to forget the fresh meat and fish market too . I can't wait for the net to get sooo advanced that we will have scratch and sniff available on all the pictures . The one great thing about the fresh market is all the wonderful smells all mixed together . I would be amiss if I forgot to mention that on market days there is also a lot of already cooked food vendors at the market about 25% of the market is fast (Thai style ) food to take home to eat. Ciejay and me talked about it one day and we both agreed that if we really wanted to we would never have to cook at home ever, and fresh cooked meals are within 5 minutes ride or walk from our home , something to think about as we get older , ha ha .. Sorry no scratch and sniff , but hope you enjoy the pictures .

 Do you have a fresh fruit and veggie market near you and do you visit it often ???? We have a huge Tesco Lotus that we could buy our fruit and veggies if we wanted to , but not only are the local markets stuff fresher , it helps our local farmer to sell their stuff and get a little income from all their hard work and it also keeps our little town from being a poor village

Friday, October 5, 2018

14 years and still Loving It .

Today is our 14th anniversary, in Thailand , we got here the 6th ,of October ,2004, started remodeling the house on the 7th , and moved in on the King's birthday December the 5th , it's been 14 great years and we love our little home, and small piece of paradise here in Thailand , if you want a vacation of a lifetime come on over we have room for you , and we'll pick you up at the airport , or better yet take the train ride (3 1/2 hours) to Wang Pho train station , 3 blocks from our house, and we'll be standing there when you get off the train


Tuesday, September 25, 2018

There's no place like home

It is true  "there's no place like home 
We just got back from a 3 month trip back to the good ole USA , and was it ever a shock to our system , everyone is in a hurry , prices on everything have gone sky high , folks we knew from childhood had died and we didn't know , lots of folks had moved and we didn't know , but we found who we could and let them know we still think of them often .
The main reason for the trip was to celebrate  the 50th anniversary of North Kenai Chapel in Nikiski , Alaska. My family in 1968 moved to Kenai and founded the church , still going and doing great. Of course being in Alaska I had to do a little fishing , and I did and caught my daily limit combat fishing at the famous Russian River. We had a great stay at GoFishAlaska  , Chalet Rental/B&B. What a wonderful few days and our Host Julie Campbell was the best .We were also treated to a week of unbelievable love and care at  a wonderful resort in Sterling ,Alaska , hosted by Jan and Don Shields , it don't get no better . Then off to see family and friends in what the Alaskan's call the Lower 48 . had a wonderful time , visiting family and friends along the way to Texas to visit and stay a month with my Sister Faye in Emory ,Texas , then it was off the South Carolina for the Burgess family reunion. And then back to Texas and what would a vacation be without a trip to California to visit Sister Sue (Ciejay's sister) for a week . All in all it was a wonder trip full of seeing and making new friend and filling our life with lots of memories to be shared for years 
But by now I was ready for home  and as is the name of this Blog Retired in Thailand and Loving It , I was ready to come home to our home Wang Pho , Thailand .