Saturday, December 6, 2008


All the local dignateries were on hand to show their respect and well wishes
A great fireworks display by our village City Hall

I loved the colors in this one

We all held candles and sang the song for the king's birthday

LONG LIVE THE KING ----This was really neat

My Thai wife Ciejay and La La our local English teacher and our adopted daughter

Everyone making speechs and talking about the King and all His good deeds for the country

Our local village and ampore showing their respect and wishing the King a HAPPY BIRTHDAY
Our village is really small, but when everyone comes out from all the little villages in the Ampore, there is big gathering of folks both young and old , everyone loves a party and the Kings birthday comes at just the right time of the year for folks to get together for a time of fun, food ,music, dance and did I say Food ,and I almost forgot ten matches of Thai kick boxing. Some times I think we have the greatest cooks in all of Thailand living in our small village of Wang Pho .This is my fourth year to celebrate the Kings birthday and for the first time I really felt like I was really at home and celebrating my Kings birthday ( and yet still very much an American). It feels good being a expat here in Thailand , and yet feeling at home ,and very happy and content. That feeling doesn't happen over night and it takes a while for us to adjust our minds and lifestyles to the Thai way of thinking and customs. Have you gotten there yet , I'd like to know.
I'm sure most of you had a celebration in your own villages and towns , and I hope you had as much fun as me and Ciejay did .


Hoo Don said...

Glad to read you and Ciejay had a great evening. Especially pleased for you that you now feel welcome in the community. Your second (lower) fireworks photo would look great if you got a large framed print, make an ideal present to someone and would look fantastic on someone's living room wall. Keep clicking.

The TEFL Don said...

Hi Malcolm, like HD I love the firework shot. We had a similar affair in the local village. I also watched the celebrations in Bangkok on the TV-they looked spectacular.

MALCOLM said...

Thanks Martyn and Mike for the read and comments , it really was a fun time and I love the fireworks shot too and as Hoo Don suggested I am having a blow up of it framed, will let you know how it turn out.

thaikarl said...

everything i learn about the king tells me he is a really really good guy. for the country and the people. i can understand why the thai people revere him. he's obviously dedicated his life to the thai people and the list of his accomplishments goes on and on. i learned in the maritime museum in chantiburi that he even designed sailboats, and sailed to the andaman islands and back in his own designed boat. it will be a sad day when he moves on to the next life. i wonder what will happen to the country after he leaves.