Friday, March 13, 2009



I call her Smokey , the neighbors down the road call her Cherrie, and the folks across the way call her Sherrie, she answers to all three.Arriving on our street as a drop off and in pretty bad shape,as you can by the first picture , and all of six weeks old, she looked like" death warmed over "as my Mom use to say. But with a little tender love and care by the three familes mentioned above she got to be so cute even Ciejay took to her. She knows she belongs to all of us and we all think she belongs to each of us and treat her as our own . She is the most even tempered dog you will ever meet, and I mean meet , not just see, she has a personally all her own . She is cross eyed and , before she was dropped off on our road ,she must have been abused as she has a ear that flops over because the vet says the bones are broken, and she has a habit of hanging her tongue out one side and smiles at you .She answers to and can under stand both Thai and English and you talk to her just like a child and she seems to under every thing you say. When she was one year old, I had her spayed and every three months she gets a shot to keep the fleas off , I brush her and the folks across the way bath her about once a month . She will not take garbage out of the cans and scatter it all over. When the grandma down the street has her grandkids for the week-in ,Smokey is right there helping to babysit those kids and keep them out of the road and away from the small ponds around , she will actually pull their pants and make them sit down if they start to get out of sight of grandma , we have all witnessed this many times, when the folks across come home from work she will stand by the car and the lady will hand her the bags from shopping , and her husband will open the door and Smokey will carry them inside for her and will then take her purse and carry it in to and go out side and wait for her snack. all three families have a food bowl for her, and she has her favorites to eat at each different home , down the street table scraps , across the street rice with oyster sauce, and at our place chicken wings and a little dry dog food . She never attacks her food no matter how hungery and eats very slowly never spilling even a piece of rice. she will take each chicken wing out of her bowl and take it to the middle of the road and eat it and then come back for another and then the dry food and then a drink of water from the fish pond.. She will spend most of her day except week-ins on our patio sleeping or in the car port or two huge holes she has dug in the back when the sun is to hot out front. The reason she sleeps all day,or naps , is she is awake all night patroling our street, she will not allow any other dogs to come near our road and if a stranger comes up our road all he-- breaks loose and you would swear she was going to kill , she has never bit anyone , but folks that don't live here let you know they are coming , there are no suprise vistors day or night .
When Ciejay and me go shopping or just to the market , nomatter where she is on the street Ciejay can call "Smokey Jokie" we're going and she will run up and Ciejay will tell her take care of the house and she will go lay on the patio close to the porch ,she knows she is not allowed on the tiled porch and lay down , till we come home, leaving only to eat at the neighbors house and then back on our patio, the neighbors see this all the time ,When we come back ,when we pull in the carport she will run completely around the house and come back and look at Ciejay as to say It's ok you can come in now nobody is here .Ciejay will then say " I love you just a little bit and you not my favorite dog either and you cannot come on the porch . Smokey just looks out of the crossed eyes , one ear flopped over and tongue hanging out with a big smile as to say thanks Mom I love you too. Malcolm


Martin in Bulgaria said...

I just can't believe all the things this dog does. It's almost human! Taking in this poor little soul and tedning and caring has paid back big time for you both. I really think you underate yourselves in your efforts and dedication to make this work. Just like bringing up children, Smokie Jokie is in the mould of his peers.

Great post Maloolm

Martyn said...

I love dog stories, so I can't help but like this one. Smokie seems to be the perfect pet even if he is shared amongst you all. The way you describe how he gently eats his food shows that for a Thai village then he really is a "special one."

Wi's dog Cola is also a patient eater and I know how fond Wi is of Cola. A mans best friend and the source of hours of love and fun. Smokie proves that if you take care of your dog then he'll take care of you. Not too happy about him taking his chicken into the middle of the road though, perhaps you had better tell him about that.

Dutchie said...

Hello Malcolm,

Just read ur comments in MTF's blog abt Smokey. U hv made a nice tribute to Smokey here n I hv enjoyed reading it :-) Please give him a pat n a nice scratch behind his ears on my behalf - thanks Malc.