Monday, April 20, 2009


I hobbled in to the front desk
All bandaged up

Whang Pho nurses to the rescue

a punture wound near the ankle

It did hurt a little , but swelled up quickly

I was out back of the house in the neighbors field ,picking ripe mangos that had fallen on the ground and ready to eat, when all of a sudden ,I felt a sting on my leg, I was walking in a lot of leaves so I could'nt see what had bit me , but it hurt a little and started to swell right away , I hobbled home and did'nt say anything to Ciejay just went to the bathroom and washed it off and put a little cream for insect bites and said nothing . well during the night it started hurting like mad and by morning it was infected and red all around the bite, and it hurt even to touch the area around it .Having seen a e-mail sent by a friend of a spider bite and what it had done to a poor guys leg kinda scared me a little , well maybe a lot, I said to Ciejay"let's go to the hospital", and off we went . The hospital is only about 1 mile from our house and by the time we got there , I was hot and had a fever, and hurting , well the sweet nurses got me right in and said they did'nt know what got me , but it got me good , they numbed it and then lanced it and cleaned it real good and put me on some anti-biotics and pain killersand sent me home .
I can report that I am mending well and after the first night ,I have been feeling better and am able to walk ok without limping as the swelling has gone down.
I made it almost 5 years without getting any serious bites, and had ,I had on my long pants ,I probably would not have gotten bitten this time .
Lesson learned " don't go in the woods or fields with shorts and sandals.


Mike said...

Malcolm thank goodness it wasn't worse. Glad you are OK.

At least it wasn't a snake which is my mortal fear when walking.

Like you it tends to be shorts and sandals but I must admit it makes you think.

Malcolm and CieJay Burgess said...

Mike, And I see them around the field every once in a while and last year even killed a small cobra on my front porch , yes thank goodness it wasn't a snake !!!!!!! I now own a pair of the blue rubber boots you see the Thai farmers wear and you ca bet I will be wearing them the next time I go for a waol in the woods or fields. Thanks for concern and cheers. Malcolm

Martin in Bulgaria said...

Malcolm, really relieved you are okay.

The thought of snakes like you say are the scariest. You are a lucky man, perhaps this was the sign to waer protective clothing in environments like that. I hope CieJay wasn't to stressed out with the event.

Glad all well that ends well and another adventure in the Land of Smiles (and bites).

Take care and lets hope you get back to 100% soon.

Brunty said...

Malcom shorts and sandals is the standard work gear here. I mean you were even wearing shoes!!

Hope you heal quickly and back out in the field soon.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dad, get yourself some of them tall rubber work boots or another idea is STAY OUT OF THE JUNGLE. Haha.

Hugs and Kisses,

Camille said...

Good to see that you're up and about again!
These rubber boots sound like a good plan.

Martyn said...

My immediate thought was that you had been bitten by a snake but thankfully that turned out not to be the case. Your rubber boots need to become part of your routine work gear if you're going into anything above ankle height undergrowth.

The photos show the marvelous response from the hospital and I'm glad you're on the mend. Perhaps a few "Keep off the Grass" signs are needed in Kanchanaburi.

MommaWannabe said...

Glad to hear it you survived it.

This is also something I learned recently...never got to the woods with a simple jogging pants, the best pants is the wranglers types so no plants or insect can bite through;)

Ben Shingleton said...

Hi Malcolm, been following your blog for a while but this is my first comment.

Sorry you got bitten, but glad it is nothing serious. >Like you I would have kept quiet and gradually if it got worse would have become more worried. Thing is - if you get a bite from whatever how small best get it checked right away.

The other day we were washing the dogs and when I looked down there was a little black scorpion just under where the water was running. I had 2 kids with me and 3 dogs and was holding one of the bigger dogs under the tap. Cut a long story, I got the kids to hold the dog whilst I got a rice pan and killed the thing by standing on it with my foot in the rice pan. I've washed the dogs hundreds of times and you get complacent. Basically, I've learned, you either get bitten, or you don't LOL.

But next time don't wait so long to tell!

Malcolm and CieJay Burgess said...

Thanks for all the encourageing and well wishes , I am really on the mend now and feeling better , Dr. says I'll live ha ha , I' just glad too that it was not a snake , a wake up call for me to be more careful what i do and where I step espically in the woods .
ben I'll add you to my followed blogs if ok with you can you do the same thanks for kind wishess and for the read and comment , hope you come back again Malcolm

Tipper said...

malcolm-Yikes! I'm glad you're on the mend!