Saturday, March 6, 2010



Yesterday was a beautiful day . sssoooo we decided it was time for a little day trip , BUT , this time someplace we haven't been before , just to scout out the new area for later and longer trips if we like it .We headed toward Erwin Waterfalls outside if Kanchanaburi and about 15 kl. out saw road sign that said Latya and points beyond, soooo off we went that a way, and saw the Safari Zoo turn offand gate, a for sure place for a future visit, and a place I had seen signs for a long time , but never knew where to go . a few more kl. and we saw the Vets of Thailand museum and park for another good day trip and then lots of shops and sights to keep a traveler as busy as they want to be , I snapped a few shots of a few places we wanted to come back to and places that will make for some good blog topics later on , in other words lots of new material to blog about and take pictures to send home to the kids and grands.Hope you enjoy the pictures .


Anonymous said...

Always nice to venture the surrounding areas to know what is out there. You made a few nice discoveries M !

martyn said...

Malcolm that has got to be the tallest woman in the world. I've never seen anyone look that big, she makes the cows look really small. She must be over eleven feet tall.

I'll look forward to your posts on the new sights you've seen. And the Erawan Waterfalls, what happy memories.

Tipper said...

I ALWAYS enjoy the pictures : )