Monday, July 12, 2010

I'm back on the net


I don't know what happened or how but, I have been off the internet for the past week , the home phone worked then did'nt work but net would never come up , I go upset and tired of waiting for help and started to push and click and found a form that said I had to re-figure my user name and password , now I did't know how I lost it in the first place ,unless It happened during the huge thunder and lighting storm we had last week , anyway I call the CALL CENTER for TOT and got a very sweet and kind lady on the help line, and she walked me thru every thing to remotely correct the problem and within 5 minute she had me back up and running , now you don't get any better service than that . thank you Miss TOT for all your help . And now I think I'll stop being an old-fart around the house as soon as I get my net fix . ha ha . Do you go bananas when you lose the net for a while ? I have come to the conclusion that I am addicted , BUT I LIKE IT . Malcolm


Peter M said...

I go nuts without the internet. I am definitely addicted. It's amazing how much it has changed so many lives and how we 'cannot live without it' now. I now live in fear of some giant solar flare or some cosmic electro-magnetic disturbance wiping out all electronic communications and the internet with it!

Boonsong said...

I find life without the internet very difficult, and ultimately it would be impossible for me to continue my present modus operandi without it.

Anyway, Pleased that you're back with us. I've missed you.

All the best, Boonsong

Anonymous said...

I missed your usual closing line. 555

BUT I LIKE IT, as part of life "to be Retired in Thailand and Loving It" ;-)

Mike said...

Malcolm its TOT I can assure you. I had this problem. They obviously changed something.Now I don't bother phoning I just reset the connection.

To be honest the Internet sucks here but I can only get it from TOT so I have to grin and bear it.

I read in the BKK Post today they want to nice if what they had actually worked :-)

LindyLouMac said...

I need the internet to keep in touch with family all over the world. I would not be able to speak to one of our daughters without it as she does not have a landline we skype.

It must have been very irritating for you! It is surprising how we have come to depend on it.

Brunty said...

Malcolm, looking at that picture you have lost a lot of weight.... have been busy and look forward to catching up on your posts I have missed of late. I have (touch wood) had great service with TOT for many years now, hardly any downtime and really good speeds, better than back in Australia.

And the price is a steal at 570 Baht for 4GB back home would be an arm and a leg. Love Thailand for these things.

malcolm said...

Thanks for missing me and it's really a fact that our lives are deeply related to the www and Lindy like you I talk to my friends and kids and grandkids from my computer. Brunty , I have for the modt part had good service from TOT and I am just really glad to be on line . Mike , glad to hear that you found out the problem , I don't know what they did but it sure took the wind out of my sails for a while . Peter I added you to my blog list hope it's ok with you saw you had me on yours thanks a lot .And Boonsong, I have my daily comic that comes every day , but I need your blog for my laugh for the day , you keep a smile on my face .
I really and Retired and Loving It , and could'nt wait to get to blog about it , as Ciejay's honey do list was growing bigger every day . I"M BACK and I've missed all you too. Malcolm

Thai Connoisseur said...

Thanks Malcolm, as a relatively new blogger I appreciate that.


Anonymous said...

All your faithful readers missed for online absence too Malcolm !


[I hope to meet you in person oneday M.; we are joined as brothers in Christ]