Friday, January 13, 2012

FISH ON!!!!!!!! sometimes

One of my favorite things to do has always been fishing , I really love it, and wither I'm catching fish or not , I still  just like being on the river or lake and having a line or two in the water and the anticipation of a fish running away with the bait on the hook and jumping up and yelling fish on and the excitement of fighting the fish to get it in and into my net. When  we lived in Alaska (a fisherman's paradise) Me and the boys were on the Russian River or the Famous Kenai River as often as we could get away . You didn't need to be a professional or seasoned fisherman to catch fish in Alaska , it is almost like get a pole and a line ,bait your hook, and cast it out into the water,  and you'll 75% of the time get a fish . That of course, does not hold true for the trophy fish and the hard to catch one's and I've caught a few of them too, but for the most part it was just easy and fun and I don't have to tell you how exciting it was to hook into a big salmon on it's way to deposit it's eggs in the creek bed ,where it was hatched and hell bent on getting there to lay her eggs , before it's life cycle was to end, and when you hooked one of these you had a fight on your hand and about as much excitement as a body could stand. I have fished in heat , rain, sleet , snow  and blowing wind and still loved every minute of it .
 Then here I am in Thailand and the fishing is a whole new ball game for me , . they use different kinds of bait and you cast your line into the lake or river and just sit there sometimes for hours and a lot of times you never catch nothing and then some days you may just hit it right and catch one or two. Fishing  the other day I hadn't got even a bite for 6 hours and then a fish just grabbed my hook and took off, I got it in with almost no resistance on the other end at all, maybe that's because it was so small  ha ha. When I got it home , Ciejay made Red Curry Pla ( a spicy and hot fish soup ), and was it ever good . My friend caught nothing and that was the only bite I got the whole day . A fisherman down the bank from us was having real good luck and landed a few nice one , He also lost a real big one by trying to bring him out of the water to fast , and if you can believe this ,a man way down the river from us put a whole small banana on his hook and caught a huge fish , I couldn't believe it .Guess I'll have to just keep trying everything I know to do to catch fish here in Thailand , some days fishing is like the ole song  "some days a diamond , some days a coal," and You know old fisherman " THEY NEVER DIE , THEY JUST SMELL THAT WAY".
This one didn't get away, if you look real close you can see a fish on the end of the line  ha ha
Jerry , trying for a small minnow to catch a big fish
Checking my  bait
Jerry , checking things out
we got some poles in the water now where are the fish
caught on another fishing trip, these were good fileted and pan fried

This is a big 73# salmon I caught in Alaska

If you need some time to just relax and get away , alone or with a friend, give fishing a try , you might just like it and get hook yourself, and if you are like me, I can't wait for the moment I can yell "FISH ON".


Murray said...

That fish you caught in Alaska was a monster! Looks like you are really enjoying your retirement in Thailand :)

Malcolm and CieJay Burgess said...

Yes Murray , I'm really enjoying my retirement here in the LOS and more each day we've been here a little over 8 years and still loving it . Thanks for the read and becoming a follower , hope you enjoy future post and some goods one in the older post . Malcolm

MJ Klein said...

hi Malcolm, you're looking good there, guy. looks like you've lost some weight. fishing isn't such good exercise but it sure is fun! i have yet to go fishing here in Taiwan but they say this is a fisherman's paradise too. you've inspired me to got get some gear and throw a line in!

Malcolm and CieJay Burgess said...

Murray, thanks for read and following my little blog , hope you continue to enjoy.

MJ, glad I was a little inspiration, any time I can get a good man out on the water , drowning worms and having fun , I've done my job. thanks for the read , haven't been posting or commenting much lately been soo busy , but still reading my friends blod and seeing all your food photos on FB looking good.

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Enjoy buddies! That's a big catch by the way.

Martyn said...

Malcolm - I've never really been into fishing but I can see the attraction it holds. Especially in a beautiful country like Thailand. Sun, lovely scenery, and beer chilling in the water. It's great you've now got a buddy (Jerry) to share your fishing days with too.

That's one big monster you caught in Alaska.

Have fun in the sun.

Colin said...

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Anonymous said...

Malcolm, I have been on one of your fishing adventures, very quiet, very relaxing and best of all, no fish to clean!!...Kris

Anonymous said...

PS no fish was a good thing, stinking smelly things, let alone that climb back up that hill...even small ones would seem like large ones on that climb!!!...Kris