Thursday, October 25, 2012

SMOKED SALMON ---- the Alaska way (one way)

Ever since the beginning of time , preserving the food or meat from the days hunt was very important. Salting, drying in the sun, was the norm before frigs and freezers and canning  can to be . I love to can and freeze the things I hunt and catch and the fish I catch .

While we were in Alaska we went fishing on the Famous Kenai River , during the silver salmon run and we caught our limit and had a great time in doing so  , there's nothing like the sound of Fish On and I'll share that part of the trip in my next post, But I wanted to share in pictures  the art of smoking salmon . My friend Mark did all the work we just provided the fish , hope you enjoy the pictures . 


Anonymous said...

That looks like very fresh and delicious fish there Malcolm!

Nice pictures and look forward to hearing more of the cities you & Ciejay visited.



Lise said...

Wow, that looks absolutely delicious! Thanks for sharing your adventures, looking forward to hearing more:)

Martyn said...

Malcolm - I've got to agree with the above comment, the fish don't get any fresher than that, and I didn't know how they smoked fish until I saw this post. It's all looks quite simple but I bet there's a lot of skill and experience to it in reality.

prince said...

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