Friday, November 13, 2009


When we( Ciejay and Me) lived in America , believe it or not I use to hate to hear those words , "LETS GO OUT FOR DINNER TONITE "for different reasons than you might think , I'll list just a few of these reasons , you might be able to relate to a few of them.
1. Where to go ? everyone had their favorite place and it takes a lot of giving in to decide just where you want to go , and if the others don't really want to eat there too then, it's just food and not fun.
2. Fast food , need I say more ?
3. Worked hard all day and sick of people and then to drive all over town to get there just not fun. Would be happy with soup and sandwich especially if it was a SPAM sandwich and Campbells tomato soup.
4. Most places, other than fast food , would break the bank and cost a arm and a leg.

But, all that has changed since we've moved here to Thailand , I have never had a problem with eating out here in the LOS , as each time there are soooo many restaurants( one or two plastic tables and a few plastic blue or red chairs and whalla you've got a restaurant any where you want, on the side of the road , on a side walk in town or in your own front yard) and almost all are a food lovers delight with aroma's and spices and tastes like your taste buds have never experienced in your life,and there are soooo many of them that you never have to go far and you never have to eat at the same place twice unless you want to.
The reason behind this post , I have been waiting all rainy season for it to stop because my favorite place to eat on top of the Mt. road is such a place, a little roadside restaurant that can not stay open during the rainy season as the kitchen is outside and the roof is made of bamboo and tin sheets ,and sooo old that when it rains it pours in like a waterfall ha ha , when I heard it was open , Ciejay and Me could'nt wait for dinner we, went for lunch and when I pulled up on front I could see the big smile on her( the owners) face and a great big Sawa Dee Kae was waiting for us once inside , the cook , chef and bottle washer, all in one, came to take our order and I can truthfully say that I was not disappointed at all and it's a place I would go back to often and take guest and never worry if the meals going to be just right.

I love all the little places to eat out in our area and now you know another reason why ,I'm RETIRED IN THAILAND AND LOVING IT. If you're ever over our way we'll give one of our roadside , 5 stars a try and it'll be my treat. Malcolm


Mike said...

Malcolm it sounds worth the wait. What did you have to eat?

Malcolm and CieJay Burgess said...

Mike , every time I eat , I eat like it's going to be my last supper , ha ha . So we always order more than we need and take leftovers home. so here is what we ordered
1. kao paht gy-- fried rice w/ chicken
2. tom yum goong--sweet and sour lemongrass and kiffer lime leaf soup w/shrimp my favorite
3. laab neva-- spicy beef salad
4. som tum --Ciejay's favorite-papaya salad w/pickled rotten crab

I have to say that I love most Thai food . but I cannot eat the rotten and pickled fish and crab . we had a great lunch and only had to take home a small amount of laab and fried rice which I polished off for dinner.
thanks for the read . Malcolm

Martyn said...

I can honestly say that here in the UK I never go out to eat for reasons similar to yours, I even give work do's a miss because I tend to find that after working all week with someone it's nice to have a break, certainly from the group as a whole.

In the LOS I also enjoy restaurants and like nothing better than seeing the young one tuck into a nice restaurant meal. She doesn't smoke, drinks very little but enjoys her food. Through Wilai I have come to really enjoy our quite frequent trips to a restaurant but often she will choose a cheap tacky looking place over the more elaborate and expensive establishment because like the one in your post the food is really really good.

Camille said...


You hit the nail on the head! I love goign out to get some food in Thaialnd and here on Samui there are plenty of little fave places that I found over the years.

Keep on truckin' and enjoy!

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