Thursday, November 5, 2009


I am happy to report with a short post ,that the little puppy , that bite me is doing soooooo good and with lots of phyiscal therapy by Ciejay and me and her little puppy bro Sabu who would not leave her side for one minute , but was a constant puppy brother , and a friend in time of need for her , believe it or not (most will not ) I actually saw him rubbing her back legs with his front paws , I swear. And also happy to report that after 3 rabies shots I am not running from the water that Ciejay is forever making me drink "water make you feel better honey "

The puppy is actually walking for short steps on all fours , she had such a strong will to get well even tho she would cry when getting therapy, now no more crying and lots of face licks.



Anonymous said...

Wonderful news M. !

Talen said...

hat's Awesome Malcolm. Hopefully she continues to do better and you continue to listen to Cejay and drink your water.

Martyn said...

Malcolm great news about the pup, that has made my night. I'm sure the full recovery will be speedy. Ciejay might put some ice in your water next week and Sangsom the week after. If you're lucky.

Tipper said...

Glad to hear you all are on the mend : )