Friday, January 30, 2009


Today was not just hot , it was "Dang Hot " as my son would say . So what better way to cool off than a swim in the beautiful River Kwai, but why swim alone, why not take a couple pretty girls and go swim with the elephants again. So off we go, and we were not disappointed , because the elephants were hot too and welcomed a cool swim, even if it meant having a big white ,expat ,Beluga Whale riding on it's back.ha ha . As always and really true, Moll-Lee remembered me and came walking over to me and got down on one knee for me to get on board and then, off to the river we went, Moll-Lee is such a wonderful elephant and friend and has the patiences of a saint,with all the folks that want to take their picture with her, and she never gets upset at all.
Come on over and I'll take you to meet Moll-Lee and she'll want to take you for a swim too . And you will never forget as long as you live . This is not a pay -for - view ride , this is a because we love you and we are friends ride. Malcolm


The TEFL Don said...

I really love elephants and I am sure MTF and I will visit Kanchanaburi this year so I may well take you up on the offer.

I have a good tale to tell you sometime of how I nearly drowned in the Kwai Noi a few years ago while kyaking-they had opened the dam sluices!

Tipper said...

Malcolm-what a wonderful post. Loved the pictures-so exotic compared to what I'm use too. Looks like a good time was had by all.

MALCOLM said...

Mike, just give us a shout when you are going to be in our area and go take a swim with Moll-Lee. Now I am dying to hear the story of you and the river.

Tipper, Thanks for stopping by and posting , you'll have to come over for a visit sometime . Malcolm