Tuesday, January 6, 2009


My favorite pasttime in the good ole USA was fishing , Me and Ciejay were off and running at least part of a day,every day off we could get. But they had so many regulations and license and fees and NO TRESPASSING signs and game wardens checking all the time, that they took all the fun out of it . But here in the Land of the Free, if you want to fish and you see a lake GO FISHING.and enjoy yourself. I never catch anything , well maybe sometimes , but I sure have a lot of fun trying . Have any of you did any fishing here in Thailand?, and if so did you catch any ?And also do you catch and release , or you like me, catch and eat ? Malcolm


The TEFL Don said...

I do enjoy fishing but I haven't tried it here. Locally they don't seem to use a rod and line and they certainly don't put anything back!

I'm a catch and release person myself.

Looks a nice spot in the photos.

Hoo Don said...

Wilai's village has a beautiful river running alongside it and about four years back I bought a fishing rod. Wi often told me that she and her mother went fishing and after they would cook and eat the fish. One year and three holidays later we had caught nothing.On our next fishing trip Wi picked up a thin bamboo like stick with line and hook attached to it and said today we try this. We caught about nine small fish and the 1000 baht rod has been redundant since.

Anonymous said...

I used to love fishing in the west (my family growing up was big in camping all over).

And it's always been my plan to eventually fish in Thailand.

But living in Bangkok, I haven't found the opportunity. Yet.

I do know where I can fish in the ocean but that was never my preference.

Anonymous said...

"my family growing up was big in camping all over"

And then I have dreams of being able to edit my own comments (blushing)

MALCOLM said...

Catch the train come to Wang Pho and we'll take you fishing Malcolm