Saturday, January 31, 2009



Martin in Bulgaria said...

Some great moments and indeed memorable moments in these pictures. Unforgettable experience.

MALCOLM said...

Thanks ,Martin for comment , I sent the pictures to my 11 year old grand-daughter and 6 year old grand-son and now, instead of Disney World they want to come see Grand-pa this summer,or is it really to take a ride on Moll-Lee's back , thats what I think. And "yes" great memories to add to this ole mans life ha ha . Malcolm

Hoo Don said...

Amazing photos once again. You wouldn't get me in the water let alone on the elephant....and when it comes to large animals there's Wilai, she's even more scared than me.
After much persuasion she's had her photo taken with a tiger who was doped to the eyeballs and on a different occasion with an elephant in Hua Hin.
Both times I had to be positioned between her and the animal, with Wilai clinging on to me nervously. It's like she thinks I'm capable of beating the thing off and the elephant or tiger is thinking "there's two of them I'd better keep my head down and shut up."
Looks like you all had another great time. A few beers and I possibly might get up the treehouse, after I've been thoroughly convinced there's no snakes up there.

MALCOLM said...

Martyn , come on up to Wang Pho next time you are over in the LOS and we'll go out and introduce you to Moll-Lee you and Wilai will love her , and I'll bet you will even be tempted to take a ride or at least take a few snaps with her . Malcolm