Monday, January 26, 2009


There is nothing like a good party and ,in Thailand as the old song goes "nobody does it better".I somehow feel that Thai's invented parties, they seem to have it down to a science.Of course all Thai party have some distinct,tell tell signs that separate them from all others .
1. Loud Music, and I do mean Loud. 2. Great food and lots of it. 3. And the glue that seems to hold it all together KAROKE.
And so it was right across the street from my house , the occasion, as if Thais need one , was the all important part of a Thai wedding THE ENGAGEMENT PARTY.This kind of party in Thailand is not like in other countries , where it is the time and place to make the big important announcement, and the giving of the big and long awaited diamond ring, no,no this party is much more important that that .
This is where the grooms parents and family meet the bride to be and her parents and family , and I do mean family , they come from all around the country for this celebration.This is the time and place to talk about land ,houses ,money ,grandchildren , the important stuff , did I say money , yes I did , but it is well worth repeating , they call it the revered name SIN SOT.Enough said about that , for all you expats, married to Thai ladies you know what I mean. I bought a nice buffalo myself,(altho I never saw it with my own eyes ,I heard they got a good deal). Did you ?
All the ladies and a few men,will lend a hand in the cooking and preparing the special food for this party. If a lot regions of the country are represented,then you are in for a real treat as many of them will prepare traditional dishes normally only eaten in their part of the country.
Be careful what you wrap you sweet and hot lips around , it just may have a stinger on it's tail , or look just like the insect you put on the end of your hook when you went fishing last week,and there is a possibility it could still be wiggling and trying to get out of the plate, and even if it looks like and taste like chicken a good chance that it's not. But theres one thing you can be sure of it will be soooo hot , that smoke will come out your ears and elsewhere too , if you know what I mean.
Well , you know me by now , Food, Dance ,Music, and chance for me to do my Elvis impersonation, I'm there. My sweet wife, Ciejay and me had a great time and to my suprise she even got up and danced a jig or too .
I sang ,I danced, I Ate , I went home late, tired and with the worse case of heartburn I've ever had.


Martin in Bulgaria said...

Sound like you're in your element - partytime without an alcoholic drinking competition going on, these thing sdont' seem to happen in your party world.

The food sounds challenging, never routine and always a surprise somewhere. Well there must be lots of things tha move in Thailand and if it moves it can be killed and eaten!

I can't get to follow you for some reason, I'll try again later. I have got you on my blog roll and obviously commented now. My organisation skills aren't that good I'm afraid, but if I follow you I will kow when to visit for new posts.
Bye for now and thanks for the support at my end.
Warm regards

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind message and comment. You've got a new follower/subscriber!

I'm familiar with Royce City- haven't been there in years but used to go occasionally.

Hoo Don said...

Just had a look at your party photos, so many smiles. The Thai people certainly do enjoy their parties. I do however seem to always get singled out by the one that's drinking the lao khao and Johnny Walker chasers. Severely hanging but forever polite, his memory somehow can still recall his schooldays and the perfect English he learned.
" Ing..gland, football number one"
" Rich man big friend yoo"
" Yoo big heart..Lady yoo lady heart big too much"
I've had some wonderful conversations at Thai parties and walked away swearing never ever to keep lao khao and Johnny Walker in the same drinks cabinet.
Trying to think of the name of the American rock band in one of the photos....Is it, Malcolm and the Amazing Snake Charmers....Bet you had an extra half hour in your hammock the next day.