Thursday, December 31, 2009


Tables were fuul as folks ate and watched
And the big boys had a go at it to and do they ever put on a good show

This was pretty all lite up and climbing high into the night sky

and of course fireworks
Three pretty girls lighting up the sky

A view of the lights and crowd
Girls have a go at it --- they were very agressive

old fashion Thai actors and dancers

UP!!!!!! Up!!!!!!!! and away

And our protectors were out in force

Hot Air Ballons lite up the sky

Loud musics is normal at a Thai party

I'd rather be home watching my soaps ha ha ha

Lots of good food

and Thai dancing girls and singers

We had a great celebration in the city park , that was sponsored by our Sai Yok Ampor officals and Mayor , a good time was had by all , and I would estimate there was about 1,000 folks there for the concert, the old time songs and new ones too, lots of vendors all around the edges selling their food, and hot air ballons . fireworks and 10 matches of Thai kick boxing and even had a couple lady fighters , it was a great way to wish in the new year and to say good-bye to the old, was a very safe time as the police were everywhere to make sure everyone had a good time and no fights or anything . I took a few pictures and will let the tell the story . Hope you had a fun time too.
Malcolm and Ciejay


Mike said...

Happy New Year Malcolm.

Sounds like good fun.

Talen said...

Happy New Year Malcolm...and it certainly looks like you rang it in with lots of fun.

Malcolm and CieJay Burgess said...

Mike it was a great time , and the effort and hard work that our city officals go to every year is just one of the things that make me proud of our village of Whang Pho and makes me happy to be RETIRED IN THAILAND AND LOVING IT.

Talen, had lots of fun and even had a couple of glasses of wine to ring in the New Year. Ciejay was giving me the LOOK !!!, but what the heck , it only comes around once in a Blue Moon.

Camille said...

Hi Malcolm,

It looks like somebody stole some yellow tables from the Samui fares ;-)

Happy New Year Malcolm

Anonymous said...

Happy 2010 M.

Martyn said...

Malcolm it looks very much like the bash myself and Wilai visited over Christmas at her local town. The big difference was there wasn't any boxing at our one which was a shame because I enjoy watching it and Wi's mama would have won a few baht in the womens event. There was a big Isaan music concert and I reckon near on 2,000 people were there, it must have been the biggest event in the area for years. Best wishes and have a good 2010.