Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Don't have to say just a trim ,--- not that much left

It's getting thinner with every visit , and just look how white I've got

A few more wrinkles to pull tight , than there was five years ago

Careful now

By Dr. Gifford Jones Sunday, December 16, 2007
“Would you like a free massage as a holiday present after your haircut, doctor?” the owner of Elizabeth Milan’s salon in Toronto’s Royal York Hotel asked me. It had been a hard day seeing patients and maybe I looked a trifle haggard. But whatever the reason, being of Scottish heritage, the free part appealed to me. So I said, “Why not?” (from a article on the www)

When we get a haircut, with a little bit of therapy thrown in, was it any better than a standard haircut????
I use to think that a haircut was just that a haircut, but in the back of my mind ,I (even growing up) always knew that it made me feel good , like my battries had been recharged,made me feel good about myself, and for sure made me look a lot better, when I looked in the mirror,that the barber always held up and said "hows that look ".

Now that I have grown older and a lot wiser,(ha ha ) I realize that everytime I got a haircut and as I got older a shave , that it made me feel better not only physically, but that it was also therapy ,for my whole body as well, I never knew it as such then, the rhythm of the scissors clicking against the comb , the noise of the electric clippers and the news of what was happening around town , plus a opinion on a lot of subjects, and then, to just sit there in the chair or lay back for my shave, and close my eyes and just let my head clear and let my thoughts wonder to who knows where, and forget about the world ,and all it's cares and problems for just a few moments,I now realize ,that was more than a haicut and shave it was therapy for my soul and I never even reconized it as such ,and then to hear the words NEXT and all of a sudden I'm back in the real world again,and all that for three bits, and I walk out of the barbershop feeling like a new man.
Here in Thailand I have found a skilled barber lady and I have to say one of the best therapist in the whole country, she is a excellent barber and has the hands of a angel when she gives the scalp massage and little shoulder and back rub that she always throws in for free, and sends me on my way feeling like a new man ( and again all that for 30 baht) , ready to take on whatever RETIREMENT throws at me the rest of the day, and of course theres always the HAMMOCK.

How about you ? do you enjoy the therapy that comes with your haircut ? and if you're not then I say it's time to find a new barber ,where you can sit down close your eyes and relax and let your mind clear and and your worries and cares of the day ,fly away for a moment or two, and get your emotional battery charged ,and you get to sit in a chair and not lay on a couch. Malcolm


Anonymous said...

A haircut definitely recharges my batteries ! I get itchy on the scalp if my hair is too long ... Haha. Short hair is in.

I love it in Thailand that certain places use a light vacuum at the end of the haircut ... hint to any new salon proprietors out there ... 55

Martyn said...

Malcolm getting a haircut in Thailand is a wonderful experience and sooooo cheap. The price in Udon is 50-70 baht, so I just hand over a 100 baht note, say my thanks and exit one happy man. A haircut makes me feel a whole lot cleaner for some reason and yes it does mentally give me a refreshing feel.

I love the time and care the Thai barbers put into the cut and the shoulder and neck massage at the end is something that I'll never experience here in the UK. Back here it's wham bam, £10, next please. A short sharp 5 minute affair.

Camille said...

I love my hair cuts. The guy who does them has two massively oversized fingers on his right hand but can still give a mean hair cut. He used to give a quick back and head massage but due to his helath issues he had to stop them.

He charges 80,-THB, that's cheap on Samui!

Mike said...

Malcolm like everyone else from LOS who has commented I love my haircut. I pay 100 Baht but it is a female hair salon I go too.

Funniest haircut I ever had here was up North when I was a greenhorn to Thailand. The barber was a ladyboy. Its the only time I have fled the barbers here without the extras!

Talen said...

Malcolm just reading this post was great therapy. It brought back memories of being a kid and going with my father to get a haircut ...back in the day when they gave you a shave too.

I love haircuts in Thailand...you get the full treatment including a neck massage and you leave feeling so relaxed.

Ben Shingleton said...

I love getting a trim in Thailand, such good service, my barbers is just up the road and I look forward to going every couple of weeks or so. They actually do a shave for 20baht as well, and it's tempting to just pop in there when I can't be bothered! All the best Malcolm, Ben

Peter said...

How I envy you Malcolm. My hair parted company from me some years ago. I don't use the barbers here any more. It always feels like I'm just going for a cheap massage.
I can't believe I just said that what with my 100% Scottish Blood.!!!

Anonymous said...

My first haircut in Thailand was in Chiang Mai. When the lady stylist was soaping my hair, she did it just right. Almost put me out -- in a good way. Then she asked if I wanted a head massage. Of course. It was heavenly. Needless to say, I "dropped in" just for the head massage, my favourite "extra" in a proper salon.

Malcolm, your story put me back in that chair in Chiang Mai. Thanks a lot! (that from the perspective of freezing in Canada. But I'll be back in LOS one week from now!)

SiamRick said...

Argh . . . That "Anon" comment above is from me. I tripped the Return button by mistake. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

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Lawrence said...

Malcolm, this post brought me memories of when I had some hair! I have a long memory.

But I do need to get my beard trimmed, and like Mike I go to a woman all of whose other customers are women. She is the daughter of a friend is why I first started going there. She is a deaf mute, so none of the inane chat I used to get in UK. On the other hand, its just luck if she understands the sign language I'm using. Now she knows how much to take off though.