Thursday, December 31, 2009


Tables were fuul as folks ate and watched
And the big boys had a go at it to and do they ever put on a good show

This was pretty all lite up and climbing high into the night sky

and of course fireworks
Three pretty girls lighting up the sky

A view of the lights and crowd
Girls have a go at it --- they were very agressive

old fashion Thai actors and dancers

UP!!!!!! Up!!!!!!!! and away

And our protectors were out in force

Hot Air Ballons lite up the sky

Loud musics is normal at a Thai party

I'd rather be home watching my soaps ha ha ha

Lots of good food

and Thai dancing girls and singers

We had a great celebration in the city park , that was sponsored by our Sai Yok Ampor officals and Mayor , a good time was had by all , and I would estimate there was about 1,000 folks there for the concert, the old time songs and new ones too, lots of vendors all around the edges selling their food, and hot air ballons . fireworks and 10 matches of Thai kick boxing and even had a couple lady fighters , it was a great way to wish in the new year and to say good-bye to the old, was a very safe time as the police were everywhere to make sure everyone had a good time and no fights or anything . I took a few pictures and will let the tell the story . Hope you had a fun time too.
Malcolm and Ciejay

Sunday, December 27, 2009


Christmas is over and I hope and pray that you had a wonderful time this Christmas PRESENT, with friends and family and all the fond memories of Christmas PAST and looking foward and making plans already for Christmas FUTURE. And now that it's over and you've stuffed yourself with all that good Christmas PUDDING and all the trimings that go with a great Christmas Dinner , it's time to make that same promise to yourself "this year( that we make every year ) I'm going to lose a few lbs. and eat a little healthier and take care of myself " so you can enjoy many more holidays , with friends and family,AND with another day of celebration coming fast on the heels of the last one, and this one , with the attention being given to drink and folic and lots of singing and dancing and fireworks , that you remember that it's also one of the holidays when many lives are lost , because of drinking and driving or riding with someone who has been drinking and driving just DON'T DO IT!!!!!!!!!!

Malcolm and Ciejay

Monday, December 21, 2009


pictures from the www

It's that time of the year again , and I just can't help but be jolly and happy . I guess I'm just old ,and old fashion enough to really be thankful for the real meaning of Christmas , taught to me by my Mom and Dad. I do celebrate this time of the year as the traditional time of the birth of Jesus , and all that his birth and life and death means to me personally and to all mankind, and I am old and old fashion enough to remember all the Christmas Eve's putting out cookies and milk for the fat man in the red suit and a twinkle in his eye , and a bag of toys for all good boys (and girls too). and then to jump in bed and cover our heads and try our best to go to sleep , because Santa Claus comes tonite .
There are also fond and happy memories of my kids when they were growing up , we tryed to instill in them the real meaning of Christmas , but I could not help myself as I dressed up as Santa on
many a Christmas Eve and put toys under the decorated tree that we had cut ,and trimmed and hung ,ornaments and lights on, to get ready for that special nite when Santa would come and leave lots of toys and goodies under the tree , and to see the excitement and joy on their faces , as they headed off to bed to go to sleep and dream of Santa and the tiny reindeer, flying thru the sky to bring them the things that they has asked and prayed for for months . And I can still hear them screaming and laughing as they ripped the paper off all the wrapped presents throwing paper everywhere and , alway looking for that special big one, that they had ask for .
Yes Tis The Season to be Jolly and I am, hope you are too.
Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we are here we might as well dance.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good Night . Malcolm and Ciejay

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Fresh caught and grilled Rat from the rice field

Will this be to "take out " or to "eat here "

My surprise Rat Salad ( ha ha ha)

India tells people to eat rats: Courier Times

This is a good write up by a Canadian news paper

Citizens in one of the poorest regions of India were advised by the government to start eating rats,according to a report thursday by the BBC. Vijay

One thing for sure , they don't have to advise, the Thai's to eat Rats they Love them, for a snack and it goes down great with a big glass of ice cold LEO.

Ciejay and Me took a little mini vacation to Nakhon Sawan ,to visit our daughter and husband and grand-son Nicky Boy , they had just moved into their new home they had built , and would you believe it, as always , "THIS CALLS FOR A PARTY "and you all know , what would a good Thai party be without a whole lot of GOOD ,Thai food, and this was to be no exception , I have never seen so much food in all my life amd all the relatives and neighbors and anyone else that just happen to be passing by were invited. Well here I am in HOG HEAVEN, so to speak.

I am enjoying myself eating and realy enjoying as always all the fresh cooked food and fruit, when, I spy something at the other end of the table that looked like Taco Meat to me and thought I would try to make me a Taco Salad ,as they had a lot of chips and salsa ,add Taco Meat and walla you got yourself a Taco Salad, well I made the biggest one I could and begain to eat and enjoy and let my mind goooooo backkkkkk to Taco Bell in the USA , which just happens to be one of my favorite fast food hangouts (before Ciejay and healthy eating ).When all of a sudden I was snapped back to the present when someone ask me very loud "want so more RAT. To save face and to act like I knew it was RAT all along I said "SURE ", Everyone at the table started to laugh at the FARANG who had just eat a Rat and To be perfectly honest with you , with all the herbs and spices that they mix with the grilled and chopped up meat , it did taste a lot like Taco Meat. I have found that this kind of snack food that the Thai's make with lots of garlic ,herbs, and chili's ," IT ALL TASTE THE SAME" What do you think? Well I guess my next thing I'll have to try will be Grilled Snake, I think that will have to take place after a few ( a lot) glasses of wine have been enjoyed, to dull not only the taste buds , but also the senses. ha ha ha

Just in case you want to give it a try , I found this recipe on the net for all you chefs to try , and for the curious and adventurous too.

Recipe for ground rat meat and chili paste:
1/4 cup fish oil
1/4 cup vegetable oil
1-1/2 cups of dried red chili peppers
4 long green peppers
8 large bay leaves
1/2 cup holy basil leaf
1 tablespoon salt
4 chopped garlic cloves
4 small rats
Initial Preparation:
With a mortar and pestle place the 1-1/2 cups of dried red chili peppers, and begin to mash until a red paste is achieved. Add a tablespoon of water to make moist.
Chop garlic cloves.
Place bay leaves in a small bowl of water. Roll two bay leaves at a time and then thinly shred and place in dry dish. Do for all 8 leaves - two at a time.
Place holy basil leaves in a small bowl of water.
Dice long green peppers. Do small cross sections so look like wheels and place in dry dish.
Skin 4 small rats. Some folks save the heart and liver to add later (not me )

Cooking preparations:
Place oil in a wok over an open flame and heat
Place small rats in a grate, and lightly cook over an open flame on both sides until medium cooked. Do not cook well done.
Mix red chili paste with hot oil and stir well.
Finely chop rats on a wood chopping block over and over until makes a smooth ground meat texture. Be sure to chop all the bones well.
Add chopped rat meat to the red chili paste and oil and stir well.
Add diced green peppers and stir well. Let cook for 5 minutes.
Add 1/2 tablespoon of salt.
Add holy basil leaves to mixture and stir in well and let cook for another 5 minutes. Be sure not to burn the chili paste - add a little water if necessary to keep moist but not runny.
Add chopped garlic cloves

Add chopped heart and live if you want
Add shredded bay leaves and stir in and cover and let simmer for 5 minutes or more to let all the flavors mix well.

Serve ground rat meat on an oval dish with livers and heart on the top. Circle with garnish of basil leaves and halves of lime. Serve with white rice. The flavor will be hot and tangy with a mild crunchy chew to it. It is not to be considered the main dish, but a nice hot and spicy accent to other prepared dishes. Very good with cheese and crackers, but Thais do not generally eat crackers. This recipe would not go down well in your home town.

Theres one thing for sure , there will never be a shortage of good ,fat ,rats to eat here in Thailand and the neighboring Asain countries and rather than go hungry as some do "I'll eat RAT." Malcolm

Monday, December 7, 2009

!!!!!!!!!!!!! TIMBER !!!!!!!!!

They say that "necessity is the Mother of invention."Having lived in Thailand the LOS for 5 years I can vouch for that truth. The Thai people are so clever and their minds are really sharp , if they need a tool to complete or make a job easier and there is not one available ,or they are in some place where they can't find or cannot afford to buy the tool, will ,simply make it out of stuff they have around the house( in their "I may need this one day pile ") and their neighbors junk pile , you know the kind I'm talking about "one mans garabage , but anothers treasure, my Dad had one of these piles (much to my Mothers disapproval ) as the back yard always look like a junk yard, and my Brother is famous for his pile of so called treasure , ha ha they never throw anything away ,they have a saying "I may need this someday."And many times they were right , but most of the time the pile just got bigger. Do you know someone like this or are you one of those folks too.When my Dad died it took us kids forever to get rid of that pile of treasure , we could'nt even give it away.Well enough of the rambling .This post is about just that kind of situation and the need for a tool to get the job done on site.
My neighbor up the road is a timber and saw mill man by trade , but instead of having a huge saw mill set up on a piece of ground, like we are familiar with seeing , he brings the saw mill with him , with a traveling sawmill he built for himself, I was amazed at how this tool does a job with one man (and you would be too ) that would normally take a crew of men , and he can do it just as fast .I was amazed and you will be too , I will let the pictures speak for thenselves. The pictures are not in any kind of order , just a bunch of snapshots, when I thought to take one. I spent hours watching him . Hope you enjoy them , OH Ya have you ever seen anything like this ???

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Don't have to say just a trim ,--- not that much left

It's getting thinner with every visit , and just look how white I've got

A few more wrinkles to pull tight , than there was five years ago

Careful now

By Dr. Gifford Jones Sunday, December 16, 2007
“Would you like a free massage as a holiday present after your haircut, doctor?” the owner of Elizabeth Milan’s salon in Toronto’s Royal York Hotel asked me. It had been a hard day seeing patients and maybe I looked a trifle haggard. But whatever the reason, being of Scottish heritage, the free part appealed to me. So I said, “Why not?” (from a article on the www)

When we get a haircut, with a little bit of therapy thrown in, was it any better than a standard haircut????
I use to think that a haircut was just that a haircut, but in the back of my mind ,I (even growing up) always knew that it made me feel good , like my battries had been recharged,made me feel good about myself, and for sure made me look a lot better, when I looked in the mirror,that the barber always held up and said "hows that look ".

Now that I have grown older and a lot wiser,(ha ha ) I realize that everytime I got a haircut and as I got older a shave , that it made me feel better not only physically, but that it was also therapy ,for my whole body as well, I never knew it as such then, the rhythm of the scissors clicking against the comb , the noise of the electric clippers and the news of what was happening around town , plus a opinion on a lot of subjects, and then, to just sit there in the chair or lay back for my shave, and close my eyes and just let my head clear and let my thoughts wonder to who knows where, and forget about the world ,and all it's cares and problems for just a few moments,I now realize ,that was more than a haicut and shave it was therapy for my soul and I never even reconized it as such ,and then to hear the words NEXT and all of a sudden I'm back in the real world again,and all that for three bits, and I walk out of the barbershop feeling like a new man.
Here in Thailand I have found a skilled barber lady and I have to say one of the best therapist in the whole country, she is a excellent barber and has the hands of a angel when she gives the scalp massage and little shoulder and back rub that she always throws in for free, and sends me on my way feeling like a new man ( and again all that for 30 baht) , ready to take on whatever RETIREMENT throws at me the rest of the day, and of course theres always the HAMMOCK.

How about you ? do you enjoy the therapy that comes with your haircut ? and if you're not then I say it's time to find a new barber ,where you can sit down close your eyes and relax and let your mind clear and and your worries and cares of the day ,fly away for a moment or two, and get your emotional battery charged ,and you get to sit in a chair and not lay on a couch. Malcolm