Thursday, June 12, 2014

Great care for one sick man Hospital care and treatment is great

Well, I'm finally home went to the hospital for a check on what was troubling me and 7 days later they let me come home , It turns I had a bad infection in my kidneys and bladder and was causing a fever and headache too soooo in the room they put me hooked me up to a few IV's and started me on hospital food , Ciejay stayed with me every night and most of the day except when she went home and cooked care packages for me , I have to say that having her there with me was like having a angel in the room she knew what I need ed before I even ask , I was in a lot of pain for the first five days and needed her soft prayers and support to help me make it thru the night ., and I always felt the presents of the Lord round about , lots of folks were praying and they filled the room , Thanks to those who remembered to pray, it made a difference. Home now, they sent me home, for home care and support , and a round of Meds for 7 more days and then back for another check-up. Feeling 99.99% now and am sure everything will be just fine . I took a couple shots of the room ( PTL they had a private room for us, a/c ,tv, private bath meals and private nurse and a place for Ciejay to sleep and rest ), the first 2 days was on a hard bed pad , and I felt like i was on the torture rack with William Wallace , finally they brought me a air bed and with a big shout I closed my eyes and cried FREEDOM along with William