Monday, December 10, 2012

Tennessee .home of Davy Crockett and Jim and Gerry

After a great visit with Sister Faye and Bobby in Texas it was time to head out to Tenn.. to see Bro.. Jim. and Gerry .. They have a lovely place out in the country on a road called Lick Creek  and they have to cross the creek to get to their little 68 acer farm-ranch-home-goat farm and a little piece of paradise in Linden ,Tenn.  Sister Faye has a tiny house trailer on a hill  and Jim and Gerry had it all fixed and stocked with food and juice and coke zero.. We stayed for 5 days before heading off to South Carolina for a mini family reunion,more about that later.. Sister Faye let us drive her little blue vw bug ,. what a fun car to drive and it got great gas mileage. We had a great time with Jim and Gerry and we ate till I gained 5 lbs....but oh was it all good. Gerry was still in a wheelchair as a result of falling and. breaking her ankle. a couple of months ago ,. Bro Jim. was a champ. and has really took over doing a lot of stuff he was not use to doing, he was great and did it all with a sweet spirit.I try to be as sweet as him. But there's no one like him.  Took a few pictures hope you enjoy