Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Well , here in my smaller home in Thailand there is no room for a Man Cave or Man's receration room , with a pool table , bigscreen TV and a mini bar for friends to come over and relax. Besides, the lady folks and kids would want a little of your space after a while and there would  go the Man Cave -----soooo my friends  and I came up with the next best thing  a "MAN DAY".A day set aside for just the men to get together and do what-ever , as for now our man day consist of a fishing day every Wednesday , we've been doing it for a month now and the wives don't seem to mind and we're having a great time . We have even thought of heading up to the hot springs for a days of relaxing , and maybe a fishing trip on a commerical  fishing boat with guides and the whole works , out in the Ocean for the bigger game fish , the ideas just keep piling up , but for now the Wednesday fishing day hits the spot.
  Do you have a Man Cave or a Man Day ? and if so how is it working out for you and your friends ?

One thing you need to know , is there is no Football , Baskeball or Baseball played here in Thailand and us old retired folks are way to old to be running up and down a field playing scoccer, and it cost a arm and a leg to get thoses programs on cable. Sooooo  fishing works out just fine with a trip to the Hot Springs once in a while .Take care and enjoy your very own MAN DAY with you buddies, Oh ya  theres no hunting over here either , and with the size of the snakes in Thailand  we don't go camping either, and yes there are still Tigers (wild) in some of the forest too. Oh I forgot  no NASCAR either.  LOL