Tuesday, September 25, 2018

There's no place like home

It is true  "there's no place like home 
We just got back from a 3 month trip back to the good ole USA , and was it ever a shock to our system , everyone is in a hurry , prices on everything have gone sky high , folks we knew from childhood had died and we didn't know , lots of folks had moved and we didn't know , but we found who we could and let them know we still think of them often .
The main reason for the trip was to celebrate  the 50th anniversary of North Kenai Chapel in Nikiski , Alaska. My family in 1968 moved to Kenai and founded the church , still going and doing great. Of course being in Alaska I had to do a little fishing , and I did and caught my daily limit combat fishing at the famous Russian River. We had a great stay at GoFishAlaska  , Chalet Rental/B&B. What a wonderful few days and our Host Julie Campbell was the best .We were also treated to a week of unbelievable love and care at  a wonderful resort in Sterling ,Alaska , hosted by Jan and Don Shields , it don't get no better . Then off to see family and friends in what the Alaskan's call the Lower 48 . had a wonderful time , visiting family and friends along the way to Texas to visit and stay a month with my Sister Faye in Emory ,Texas , then it was off the South Carolina for the Burgess family reunion. And then back to Texas and what would a vacation be without a trip to California to visit Sister Sue (Ciejay's sister) for a week . All in all it was a wonder trip full of seeing and making new friend and filling our life with lots of memories to be shared for years 
But by now I was ready for home  and as is the name of this Blog Retired in Thailand and Loving It , I was ready to come home to our home Wang Pho , Thailand .