Monday, April 18, 2011

Songkran 2011 on Moo1 and Wang Pho

It is with great pleasure that I announce that here in Wang Pho , and especially here on Moo 1 , that Songkran (Thai New Years) is over . I've lived on Moo1 for 7 (almost) years and I have to say that my neighbors, being ,Thai and Buddish did everything they could to make this a monumental Songkran.  They ate more food than was donated to the Tsunami and floods in Thailand and they danced and sang like they were trying to earn a place in the Guinness Book of Records with non stop singing and dancing from the 12th till the evening of the 18th ," ohhh wait just a minute , there's are still a few die hards still singing karaoke. Did I mention that Ciejay and Me were there as always , when it came to the eating and singing  and oh yes I even danced a few , and If there's karaoke , you know I'm singing a few Elvis oldies ," Don't Be Cruel,"  "Love Me Tender",and my all time favorite  "Want You Wear My Ring Around Your Neck" and John Denver's  "Take Me Home Country Roads".
The real reason I'm glad it's over is not all the activities, But my body is soooo tired , it will take me a week to recuperate.
Not only was there a lot of action on Moo1 , but the village of Wang Pho had  their usual Songkran concert with music and singing and dancing  and food  and you know me  someone said "Food" and I'm there . Then just today to finish the week off with thanksgiving for the Buddish folks , they had a huge and I mean lots and lots of food with all the neighbors and friends and they even had the local  temple Monks come and chant and pray and Bless all the Buddish folks for the coming year , and as Thai custom goes we all had to wait till the monks were fed and then we could eat, and eat we did , at least I know one person that ate more than his share ( Me).
I have to be very honest and say  that even tho I got wet (oh yes I forgot) Songkran is a water festival too and that means that everywhere you go they are throwing water on you and your mode of transportation.  And I'm sure I gained 5 pounds over 5 days  and stretched my body to the limits, BUT!!!!!!!!   "I HAD FUN ". Elvis would have been be proud of me,( not to sure about Ciejay  ha ha ha ), and I made sure he was remembered at least for another year.

If you ever get over here to the Land Of Smiles , try and plan it for April  the weather is great ( hot) and you'll get a chance to join in to all the festivities and it will be and experience of a lifetime that you'll never forget.
Hope you enjoy the pictures  some are a little blurry , but was the best I could do .  Malcolm

Monday, April 11, 2011

MUANG SING Historical Park

Prasat Muang Sing Historical Park, Kanchanaburi

The ancient site is 43 kms out of Kanchanaburi on the bank of the Kwai Noi River on Highway 323. The principal structure, the Khmer Prasat Muang Sing (Tower of the City of Lions), is believed to have been the western most outpost of the Angkor-centere Khmer empire. A wide range of artifacts including temple carvings, religious statues, implements, and pottery shards indicate the once-thriving city must have been inhabited from approximately the 12th to14th centuries. The park is daily open for tourists from 09.00 a.m. to 04.30 p.m.

Today was a beautiful Thailand day and just right for a day trip with the sun shining as always , but a very nice cool breeze blowing up from the Famous River Kwai,and all around the valley we call Sai Yok. We had been to the Muang Sing Park  6 years ago , but we were traveling with other folks and  history was just not their thing  soooo we were rushed  to look and and hurry as they were hungry, and were more interested in where and when they were going to eat , than relaxing and walking around the beautiful Park  with all it's beautiful flowers and well kept walking paths and so many huge trees that provided the best canopy of shade that you could ask for .
Well we decided that we would go alone this time and spend as much time there as we wanted . I have to say from the start that , If you want to see old Thai history from the Khmer period , and art from that period as well , then this is a must see place .There are 4 Monuments as they call them , I call them Temples and Mini temples and as of this date only 2 have been really excavated and laterite  blocks stacked back up to show what it looked like 2,000 years ago, I am just amazed that this stuff (art and history)  made it this long with out being totally lost or destroyed. Lots of artifacts and treasure have been found and I'm sure there is more just buried beneath the paths and trails we were walking on. They have found many traces of habitation,such as iron tools,ornaments ,glazed ceramics Khmer ware, Chinese celadon of the Sung period (12th--13th century)  now that's old stuff.There were a lot of Stucco Decorations for the sanctuaries made from limestone and crushed shells mixed with glue from animal skins even juice from sugar cane was used to make the stucco dry slower so that they could shape it easier.They found several religious sculptures at each monument and lots of Images of Budda.

 In 1985  while digging around the wall( close to the river bank) to clean and restore it they uncovered what they now know to be  evidence of a prehistoric burial ground.They have excavated two skeletons and lots of grave goods such as whole pots beaded bracelet's ,and bronze artifacts. They have come to conclude that the whole area around the river bank is a burial ground  there fore all construction in that area has come to a halt  (good for them ).
 We really enjoyed our half day there and could have stayed longer , but like the friends of a few years ago my stomach was crying for food., We had already made plans to eat at a favorite little road side restaurant of mine , but if you don't have plans they have food and snacks and a few gifts for you to buy there too..
 They have several great picnic areas and the solitude of the Park is a great relaxer, in fact  one of the comments from Ciejay as we were walking around was that it was a "Sad" place and that if she believed in ghost this was a perfect place for them to live  .  I thought that was funny to hear her say that , and I was feeling it myself too.
  If you are ever In the Kanchanaburi area and have at least a half a day to spend  this place will not disappoint you .We enjoyed ourselves and we're sure you will too.
History, History, History ,  it don't get any better than this , and it's just another reason why we're Retired In Thailand and Loving It.

Friday, April 8, 2011

A Trip to the Animal Hospital and Where's Bok

 Bok with a bandage I put on  that lasted for 10 min.
 I'll take door number 2
 Waiting our turn  , This is a busy place , and yes  folks really do care about  their pets in Thailand
 Here's Bok  waiting his turn as cool as a cucumber
 That is until this old fellow walked by after his visit and Bok took one look and was ready to go home , sores or not   ha ha
A little pug first visit
Even a little Budda altar for the Animals
 getting fitted with Head Gear

 Here's Ciejay paying the Dr. bill
Front view of the Hospital 
Well I tried to Dr. our little dog Bok, for myself , BUTTTT   he just kept licking the medicine off and the sores would not heal , sooo it's off to the Vets , where they cleaned the sores very good , and they poked and prodded, and checked him out real good , Bok is all the while looking at me and giving me a look as to say "their killing me here." After it was all over and the "anti lick head gear "was put on , Ciejay and I agreed it would be better to leave him there for a few days sooo  they could change the bandages and clean the sores and apply more medicines.
I would like to say that every time I have had occasion to visit the Animal Hospital , that I have been impressed with how organised they are and also how polite they are and the compassion (genuine) that they show the little sick animals .  I have to add that this is a Hospital that also  treats large animals also and the day we were there they had elephants , horses , cows and a couple of goats too. 
I've posted a few pictures of the trip and will comment under each if needs be .Take care of you pets , to Ciejay and Me  they are just like our kids , Very protective of our home and they follow Ciejay everywhere she goes. 
And  Sabu has been looking everywhere and even sticks his head in the doorway  to see if Bok is inside the house  , they are really good buddies and Sabu has not eaten very good since Bok has been gone  and he looks at Ciejay every time she feeds him, and looks as to ask  "where's Bok ".
And on a side note---- the local Tesabon held  a free clinic for birth control and for rabies shots , sooo  off to the town square with Sabu for his shot , it has been an animal week, But you know  "they are well worth it ",for all the joy and companionship, they bring to our lives , and I read somewhere that folks that had pets  seem to have less stress in their lives and some have even gotten well, and  lived longer ,  Sounds a lot better than Prozac to me .