Saturday, March 3, 2018

Life and Living on Moo 1 "Boys will be Boys"

I'll have to say that of all the places I have lived in my life,living on Moo 1 here in Wang Pho ,Thailand , has been one of the most relaxing ,scenic,peaceful,and enjoyable,places of all.Things for the most part are pretty laid back and quite , with the exception of Saturday morning when the next door neighbor feels it is his duty to wake all of the Moo up really early with a demonstration of how loud and full of bass his stereo system can play , and of course along with the loud music comes a variety of Karaoke song ,sung, at their worse. I never get to excited ,because by the time I am ready to roll out of bed , he has consumed his limit of beers and passes out on his couch for the rest of the day. As I said at the first of the post, it's normally pretty quite , but I did fail to mention that about every other week-in the daughters of our neighbors drop of their two sons  for grandma to watch while they get things done around their houses and do a little shopping , I must say I don't know how grandma does it , all they do is fight each other and running up and down the road crying and screaming and when they are not fighting they are chasing all the dogs around  trying to hit them with their sticks. The dogs have gotten use to  the boys and would never bite them and have learned to stay out of their way , Sabu  hides on the back porch under the table.I have to keep a sharp eye out as they like to come over , when they have run out of things to do they will come over and toss rocks into my pond trying to kill as many of my fish as they can ,  the fish have wised up to the boys too and know just where to hide so they don't get hit too. I guess boys will be boys . Ciejay comes out too when they are in front of our house because with the sticks they carry  (they call them swords) they try to knock off all her flower blossoms.I call them weapons of mass destruction . And I've given them the old  "you better go home " eye a few times and that usually does the trick .
Life here is good and as I said before "boys will be boys"  and "kids will be kids." and "neighbors will be neighbors."  And I just fluff my pillow in the hammock and take a nap, Works every time .  Malcolm

"Here comes the JUnk Man"

That's a sound I love to hear , for one thing , it cleans out our storage room of all the plastic and cans and paper that Ciejay has saved to sell to the junk man.For Ciejay it brings a smile to her face , she saves the recyclable things to sell to the junk man and she calls it her "hair money" . The little bit of Baht that she gets adds to the (my) pocket change cup that she keeps on my computer table and when it's full it's time to go to the hair lady in the village, to get a cut and wash and style and sometimes even a dye job , ( when the gray comes peeking thru).
Recycling is sooo easy here in Thailand , because the junk man comes around with his truck and weight scales about once a month to buy from the folks, things that he can buy for a few baht per kilo and hopefully sell in the big city to the larger recyclers for a little profit . Some do this as a way of making a living and a few others in Wang Pho, do it for a week-in or part- time job to add to their monthly income or to help make the payments on the new truck or to pay for the building of a new home, that's the case, for one young couple that comes by.
Ciejay keeps her plastic in one bag and cans in another, all neat for the junk man , and me I am just happy to see it saved for a good cause ,and for the good of Mother Earth, the more we recycle and reuse , the less non biodegradable stuff that goes into the land fields and is dumped alone our highways and by-ways to stay forever polluting our land and landscape and adding another eyesore to our beautiful earth, and the area that we call home.
Do you recycle???  I remember in America it was a pain in the neck to do, because you had to have different color containers , and everything sorted out for the garbage men or they wouldn't pick it up and when they did , if it was something that they didn't want  they would just throw it back on your lawn and drive away , and you never saw a reduction on you (very high) garbage bill each month. Things here in are so different and the "JUNK MAN" makes it sooo easy to recycle , I have found it to be so , and I hope if you live in the LOS or in a place where they take recycling seriously that you do all you can to pitch -in and help , If we don't do it WHO WILL??.  Malcolm