Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Market Day in Wang Pho and the hunt for a Pork Belly

Today is Tuesday and that's market day here in Wang Pho , a place to buy anything you might need to eat , or to prepare  to eat , and they have the freshes veggies in all the land , this Kanchanaburi  valley is so fertile that everything grows here soo easy , I've said before "stick it in the ground and it will grow ," with a little tlc. We were doing a little shopping because we are going to the big city in a couple of days soo , not a lot of buying today , except I was on the hunt for a fresh pork belly so I can make some more bacon , found a great one and after trimming it up a little looks great , I'll be mixing my rub in a few minutes, and starting the curing process , It takes 7 days for a good cure and then a couple of hours in a cool (warm) corn husk smoke and "wala"  it's bacon, ready to cut as thick or thin as you want and it is great in beans or soup as a seasoning.Do you have a weekly or Saturday market near where you live ?, if soo give it a visit and buy fresh, if you can,lots of the produce sold at Sat markets are organic, and better for your health, and it really helps out the folks that raise it and bring from their garden to sell and make some extra income .
I took a few shots of the folks at our market today hope you enjoy, and if you're interested in making your own bacon give me a shout or leave comment , and you can also google "making bacon " for lots of videos and recipes.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The 4th of July-----God Bless America

Happy 4th of July to all my blog readers, and may God bless our men that fight for our freedom all over the world. Hope you get to spend a little pick-nic time with family and friends. Stay safe and have fun , remember if you go swimming , Never swim alone , and if you're going out on a boat always wear a floating device.
The 4th is special to me and Ciejay too , it was on July the 4th 2002 that we said our "I Do's" , and these have been happy years for the both of us.