Friday, November 14, 2008


I have a friend ,B-Bie , whose friend is the director of the Kanchanaburi Conservation Elephant Camp, and we were invited to spend the day  interacting with the elephants ,Molee , Tom Moon , and Tom Boon. We were to walk in the fields and jungle , cut corn, and feed them , and take them to the river for their daily bath. We did all this and what a great day we had , never in my life have I had such a experience. So , to make a long story short, I was standing on the bank of the river watching folks and the trainers giving the elephants a bath , when all of a sudden, I don't know what come over me , I pull off my cloths and jumped in the river and swim out to Molee and she let me on her back ,and then and there I was swimming with the elephants, what a RUSH.
If ever you get a chance to do the same " do it " I felt just like Tarzan of the movies, and comic books of my childhood . Have you ever done a something so all of a sudden? I hope so . Life is full of surprises. Malcolm


Mike Rose said...

Great fun, I visited the camp some years ago now but have a similar pic in the river with an elephant. Fantastic creatures and very gentle.

Malcolm and Ciejay Burgess said...

Thanks Don for the comment, and the read. Sent pic's to grand-kids in USA and they loved them . I had a great time .And what a privilege to get to inter-act with these gentle giants.

Hoo Don said...

I seem to be developing(excuse the pun)a thing about photos lately but I'll come back to that.This year I visited the Ban Chang Safari Park in Hua Hin and had the wonderful experience of feeding some elephants.I fed them at arms length with a cold sweat and a thumping heartbeat.I'm sure it was the one and only time they have ever been fed bananas which were tightly gripped between a thumb and two crossed fingers.To do what you have done would be totally beyond me. Amazing photos documenting an amazing experience.Back to my opening sentence,lately I seem to be visiting sites and finding myself drooling over the quality of the pictures,I must rid myself of this square shaped fetish.Perhaps I'll try sleeping with the camera under my pillow tonight instead of next to me in the bed.Sweet dreams, Hoo Don.....just have one last look at that top photo...mmm lovely