Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Visit To A Coconut Farm and Factory

My best friend B-Bie , manager of the Big Sheep Resort here in Wang Pho , was raised in Prachuap Khiri Khan, he still has a Mom and brother and lots of family that live there now . We were talking one day and he was telling me about growing up in Prachuap and that his family owned a coconut farm and that his childhood was spent on a coconut farm , well this was all very interesting to me as I had no idea about raising coconuts for commercial use.And all the many uses of the coconut and the tree and all the bi-products made from it. I guess I was asking to many questions , and B-Bie said ," next week we go to Prachuap and see my Mom and the coconut farm and my friend coconut factory and then you see for yourself and don't have to ask , and you can stay at my friends little resort on the beach and we will drive around the country and you can take lots of pictures."Well I could hardly wait till time to go , it is a seven hour drive from Wang Pho and a very beautiful drive to say the least . Was a easy drive, as far as directions go , from Wang Pho 321 to right before Bangkok turn right on Hwy. # 4 and away you go .We left home about six o'clock a.m.and,we got there just in time for lunch . We checked in at the resort and headed straight for a little beach side restaurant , that was one of B-Bie's favorite , and as it turned out will be #one on my list on our next visit also.From there we went to the country side for a beautiful drive and then , a long trip down a dirt road to the family coconut farm , you will not believe it, but it was harvest time on the farm and they were cutting the coconuts from the tall and I mean tall trees and bringing them to the house to be sorted and counted and ready for the factory truck to pick up the next day. I thought that you got coconuts once a year like any other crop , but nooooo they can harvest them every month , and lots of them too,as you will see in the pictures . After the harvest and show and tell and join in the work time ,it was time to eat and our little resort had a great cook ,and we ate our dinner right on the beach again. Now the great thing about this beach is there was noone else and no other resorts around for miles we, were just like on a Island all to our selves . What a great and relaxing evening we had . At night the squid boats were out in force, right in front of the resort a couple of hundred yards,. out , but we could see their lights and watch them pulling in their nets. it was breath taking to say the least , next morning breakfast at another restaurant right on the beach again with very few folks around, and a great view as you will see in the pictures. and then off to the coconut factory, but not before a great foot massage , to watch the process from start to finish .I could almost write a mini book about the experience there , but will just show pictures and let you see it in action.I would like to say that it was a high light of times in my travels around Thailand.That afternoon ,after it cooled down we were off to a Thai Temple that was located way up on a mountain top , were you could really as they say "see for miles ". so much to tell , but again will let the pictures speak for themselves . Then before going back to the resort B-Bie suggested we go to his favorite spot , known by few , and have a cup of coffee before dinner .I tried to buy a small little house that was empty , just so I could live there part of the year and have it for friends, the rest of the time . But they have big plans for the area if the economy picks up again , and said no , I hope somehow it never happens for this beautiful place as it would be a shame to spoil it at all , even tho they have started a little already . Then off to the resort for dinner and , this evening a swim in the ocean for me and feet wet for Ciejay, a good nites sleep and then breakfast and a nice drive back home . Needless to say this place called Prachuap is a beautiful place to visit and on our list for a longer stay this summer . Thanks to my friend B-Bie for this wonder ful experience and for being a great tour guide. Malcolm


Martin MY said...

Very good post about the coconut farm. It's really quite strange that most people think that coconut fall from the tree and crack open just like the bounty chocolate bars that are advertised on TV, you know that is not the case with the thick bristle is protected by. Having been to a coconut farm myself in Sri Lanka, it is a memory I will never forget, with lads shinning up the tree to get a fresh coconut and drink the juice within. By the way, coconuts kill! There are hundreds of people who die from falling coconuts every years.

Mike Rose said...

Hi Malcolm, this must be somewhere near my home?

We always enjoy visitors so if you plan on coming again to the area please let me know.

Malcolm and Ciejay Burgess said...

Martin , as you can see they use really long bamboo poles to dislodge the coconuts and they run for cover fast. I was hoping to see a monkey on a lease run up the tree , but they said monkeys are to much trouble.

Mike , The town B-Bie's Mom lives in is Thap-Sakae , is that near you ? and yes will get in touch with you for sure , before our next trip ,to see if we can get together . Malcolm

Hoo Don said...

I have had a look at the lovely photos and cannot believe how many coconuts are piled up in the pictures. There must be thousands and thousands of them. The citizens of Prachuap must have the best skin tones in the whole of Thailand. Apart from the food and drink purposes of the coconut it's use is endless and the shells are even used as musical instruments. A very productive product.
The beach shots and their seclusion look very therapeutic and you and Ciejay must have returned home each feeling 10 years younger.
When you and Mike do finally get together then make sure you have a big bag of dog biscuits at hand. I'm sure even the soi dogs are going to pull up a chair and listen to some of the tales you two are going to tell.

Malcolm and Ciejay Burgess said...

Martyn, Me and Ciejay are going to wait until you get back to the LOS and then you and Wi can join us what a bunch of stories we can tell , it will be a BLAST if it could happen , thanks for the read and comment I even learned that they make charcoal out of the stems that hold the coconuts together and ship to China as they use them in the restaurants to cook with as they do not smoke and give off a lot of smoke smell like other wood . Live and learn. and while we are there I personally with my friend B-Bie will give the grand tour . Malcolm

Anonymous said...


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