Friday, June 12, 2009


Today ,I thought being it was not raining ,it would be a good day to take a ride on the Honda as I had'nt rode it in a week or so ,because of all the rain , and it's good to ride them every so often to keep things in shape and them running smooth, and besides all that, I miss my weekly trips to wherever the road leads. today I already had my mind set on going to Sai Yok Elephant Park , because I had heard that they had a new baby born last week and I wanted to get some pictures for my grand-daughter in Oregon , she takes my pictures on a disc that her Dad will make for her for Show and Tell.All the kids in her class love it when she brings pictures of Thailand to school with her , and her teacher has e-mailed me and thanked me for them too.But before I got to the park as I started across the bridge that goes over the Famous River Kwai , I looked over and saw two of the trainers racing their elephants down the hill toward the river for their evening bath, and my attention then turned to this photo opp and I thought you might like it too. You know if you have read any of my past post that I love elephants and every chance I get I try to get down to the camp to see them and and admire them as the wonderful,intellegent and kind animal they are , and let me asure you that they never forget you, if you have made a friend with them and their trainers.Hope you enjoy the pictures .Malcolm

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