Tuesday, June 8, 2010



I love this shot

caught in flight

a favorite shot from my yard

looks just like a butterfly----- from my yard

I loved this one

a little worn , but beautiful

Picture from www

Picture from my porch

my yard

my yard

my yard

my yard


I know that almost everywhere has butterflys, but it seems like Whang Pho has more than its share of themm not just a lot of them , BUT a lot of different kind ,. In fact they were talking about building a huge Park with a Big dome and have it as a tourist attraction for our little village , we could certianly fill it up with lots of varieties from my yard .Just today I notice a lot of them while I was taking my afternoon hammock treatment and grabbed the cyber -shot and took a few pictures , even with a lot of them flying around , it's not as easy to take a snap as it looks , Here are a few that I did manage to get in focus, hope you enjoy.

I always love chasing butterflys when I was a little boy and have always loved seeing them in flight and around the flowers in our yard , there are millions of species, and they are in the same family as moths , which makes for even more. Do you have a lot of them around your place ? do you like them and do you do anything to attract them to your yard .

Ciejay and me have planted a year-round flowering tree or plant called a honey dew drop , it has small purple flowers and a orange berry that attracts the birds also , all the flying things love this plant .

The butterflys are not only beautiful and plentful but they are great food for the birds that I try to attract and water and feed in our yard we plant lots of flowers with a two -fold reason beauty and food and as a plus the butterflys pollinate, lots of other plants and are great for pollinating the garden, what with the pesticides and sprays killing a lot of the bees.

Hope you love them as much as I do and plant a flower just for them and they will come back every year to show you how much they appreciate you and do their little acrobat flying for you and show you their wonderful colors . Malcolm

We get to enjoy more of nature since we moved here to the LOS and I suppose that it's just another reason why we're Retired in Thailand and Loving It.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos. Amazing.
Thanks for these.

All the best, Boonsong

Anonymous said...

Yes. Thank you very much for those treats. Very beautiful photos.

Camille Lemmens said...

Hi Ciejay,

Great pix, especially that big un.

I always wonder why there's a difference between guys being butterflies and for girls it's different since they work?
A great piece of Thai logic, once more ;-)

Mike said...

Hi Malcolm, is the Atlas Moth from your garden? You may remember I found a tree full of them earlier this year.

Your post reminds me to get out to Huay Yang waterfall as its usually packed with butterflies at this time of the year.

Malcolm and Ciejay Burgess said...

Thamks for the read and taking a look at the pictures I was going to start collecting them but the first one I captured and put in a jar to die,Ciejay cried and cried till I let it go.
Mike the one being held is from the web but the smaller picture is of one that stayed on my porch ceiling for a whole day before flying away I loved looking at it , and it was huge too. I can't imagine what a tree full of the would look like it you got a couple good pics could you e-mail them to me ??

Lawrence said...

These are great pics, Malcolm, and you obviously have a garden (OK, a YARD) that has lots to attract them (or are they all looking in vain for an empty hammock?). The ones in my garden never stay still enough for me to get good pics of them.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures. Gotta a lot of butterflies over here on my side of Thailand also. I am surprised someone as old as you are was able to hold the camera steady long enough to get such clear photos with no blurries.

Talen said...

Absolutely beautiful pics Malcolm, I can't recall seeing many butterflies in NP or Mukdahan...cept for a few of the falang variety. Then again I wasn't looking but I will be next trip.

thaikarl said...

lovely shots! butterflies are hard to shoot. they don't sit still for long. we have a lot of flowers around our yard also, and the butterflies come. very enjoyable.

ms said...

Lois Ann did not like the big brown one in the mans hand. She kind of freaks out from large bugs and earthquakes. I thought they were very beautiful.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the video link that you Emailed to me. As you say, “Great song”.
I wanted to Email a reply to you but couldn’t find an Email address for you – hence I’m using the comments feature on your blog.

I might (only might) use the video clip on my blog. If I do, would you like a link back to you and/or your blog as the person who’s drawn my attention to it – or should I just refer to you as “a reader”. Your choice.

Thanks for your interest in my blog. Thanks for joining in with the fun.

All the best, Boonsong

Martyn said...

Malcolm some great photographic work on your part. The photos are quite stunning and the butterflies must further ignite the wonderful colours seen in a well kept Thai garden. Though I've got a horrible feeling Wilai's mama would try and cook the big one.

So the truth's out, you're a bit of a butterfly on the quiet.

Mike said...

Malcolm, just picked up your comment about the Atlas Moth. Will send you some pics.