Thursday, July 15, 2010


Today when I checked my e-mails I had a nice surprise , I had recieved a Award from Emma and Dennis from and I was given an award for being one of the 2010 Top 25 Retirement Blogs Awards . This is a first for me and made me love blogging even more and more determined to post more stuff about Ciejay's and My life being Retired in Thailand and Loving It . Click on the button on the side to see a list of the other 24 winners and to learn more about the work and world of Emma and Dennis and their blog. Malcolm


Anonymous said...


Very well deserved !

john said...

Hi Malcom,

I'm fan of your blog. And it totally deserves an award. But that award you received is actually a link scheme from the site onlinemba to get more links pointing to them (so they'll rank better in google).

I'd suggest you to keep the picture (because you do deserve an award) but delete the link to their site (they're just parasites).


Mike said...

Malcolm, I too enjoy your blog but John is absolutely right.

I had something similar a while back.

Boonsong said...

Well done!!! You thoroughly deserve it.

All the best, Boonsong

Sevenwinds said...

Congrats Malcolm,
Keep on bloggin and sharing. You are doing a wonderful job telling us about your adventures here in the Land of Smiles.

Malcolm and CieJay Burgess said...

Thanks for all the kind words about the award , I'm happy to be in the 25 , Think I'll leave the link up tho , we all want more lookers and I called them on the phone and thanked them personally and they sounded like nice folks to me , anyway hope the other 24 folks on the list get more hits too Take care and we need to seriously plan a get together of the Thai bloggers . I'll help on this end .

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