Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Retirement and Relocation

LIFESTYLE HEALTH GUIDE FOR 55+ Guest post by Mary Albert

Traveling Versus Temporary or Permanent Relocation

When it comes to retirement, you've got a lot of options out there waiting for you. I love to travel the world, but I also love my home in California, so I always come back. However, I do hear about a lot of people who choose to relocate for their retirement. Some choose to move away permanently and live in paradise, whatever that may mean for them. Others choose to move for a year or two, or even five, to a destination where they've always wanted to stay.

Moving across the country or around the world can seem a bit intimidating, to say the least. I'm a fan of anyone who chooses to follow their heart in retirement and live somewhere new. However, you have to remember that these places can be visited just as easily. Some people might enjoy the newfound freedom and culture that comes from retirement relocation. Others might prefer a more temporary hiatus to an area rather than packing it all up and moving there.

If you're ready to hit the road, good for you. If you're still wondering or questioning whether you should move to the backcountry of Alaska, the beautiful beaches of the Caribbean, or anywhere else in the world, you have to think about a few things. Can you stand to leave your life behind? A lot of times, people have too much attachment to their current life, family, or circle of friends to move permanently. Remember, though, you can always visit whenever you'd like. This is a big decision and some people are better suited for it than others.

If you're dreaming of retirement a world away from it all, you literally have the whole world in your hands. Of course, it doesn't hurt to take a little holiday first and make sure that you'll really enjoy where you're going. I love my home, and I wish everyone else the same success in finding a home for their retirement, no matter where in the world that might be.
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George B. said...

I'm several years from retirement but I've always dreamed of retiring somewhere warm. There are so many beautiful places to move to that I may have trouble choosing one!

jks said...

Hi George, if you want warm I would consider somewhere in Asia! I will retire in 824 days to the jungle of Thailand - far away from all the tourist spots, in a little village with 200 inhabitants and 12 km to public transportation - only surrounded by ricefields and jungle! That may be too far out for you, but if you want a place with a little more easy access to night/citylife I could recommend Udon Thani, Isaan province, Northeast Thailand. It has about 160.000 inhabitants and is a very nice city. I live 75 km east of Udon Thani.
Maybe you want to visit my blog which is mostly about my time in Thailand and the jungle.

Kind regards

Anonymous said...


Be thankful for each and every day that the Lord giveth ....

dancilhoney said...

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