Friday, July 1, 2011

I Do a Walk-About

Well, not a very long walk-about , just a walk around the yard and our house , some in-side and mostly outside. Folks are always wondering what kind of a house or hut we live in here in the LOS. I thought I would take a few pictures to post and show you that we are not as far removed from civilization as some folks seem think that have never been to Thailand . A long time ago in one of my first post here on  Retired in Thailand and Loving It  , I showed pictures of the house ,before and after the remodel, you see we bought a 8 year old Thai concrete house that was 70% finished when it was abandoned, and sat empty for about 8 years  , really run down and some structural damage no one was interested in buying it to repair or live in , but Ciejay and Me  had a dream of turning this into a home for us in Thailand , so with a lot of blood, sweat , and tears , we think we have almost after 7 years got it just about like we want it .There will always be little things we see that we want to do and as time and money allow we'll try to do what we can.Now we are happy with the little make-over we have done and hope you enjoy the pictures, I put little brief caption on each to explain them . Malcolm

Share my blog with your friends and family, and they will get a little (real) glance into living and retireing in Thailand.


Leone Fabre said...

it's looking good ..... comfortable and welcoming and homely. What more could you want.

I read your blog often and keep 'up to date' where and when I can ... you are an inspiration to many.

Leone (Singapore)

LindyLouMac said...

Thanks for welcoming us into your home and garden.

Malcolm and Ciejay Burgess said...

Leone, thanks for reading and the kind words,hope all is well in your part of Asia,elections here ,you know how that is , But all quite at our little home in Wang Pho----------Malcolm

LindyLouMac, Thaks for taking a walk-about with me , stop by any time , maybe tea next time , wouldn't that be fun. Malcolm

Anonymous said...

Wow, beautiful place. Great job on your reno! "MB loves CJ" - very nice touch Malcolm! Priceless I might add.

Long time visitor to your blog. I experience the LOS retirement life vicariously thru your writing. :)

JJ from Canada.

PS: Happy 4th of July to you and CJ. Would you be celebrating it someway?

Malcolm and Ciejay Burgess said...

JJ, thanks for kind words and glad you enjoy seeing the LOS thru my eyes and what little mind I have left , did I say somewhere that my dogs both got poisioned and were in bad shape for a few days Sabu is recovering , BUT Bok is still at deaths door , he was never to strong, 4 days now and he can not even roll over on his own and only liquids , Sabu up up and around,. we May put off the little trip we had planned for our ann. till both are better and YES I have some speacial stuff in the works , when it comes about. Malcolm

Martyn said...

Malcolm you and Ciejay have turned a shell of a house into a beautiful home. It looks absolutely wonderful inside but for me the garden is even better. I can almost hear the chink of glasses from you and Ciejay sitting there with a chilled bottle of wine.