Sunday, July 8, 2012

Maintenance in action

I have said a few times before on my blog how important  maintenance is , especially here in Thailand where we have lots of rain and then hot and humid, it takes it toll on things , and a/c units are no exceptions and  need a lot of attention, if you want to have clean fresh , cool air when you need it , nothing worse than to turn on a/c and smell a musty odour coming out of the air vent , because of dust and mildew  and who knows what. We have our A/C unit cleaned and checked twice a year.I have stayed in a few motel and hotels in Thailand and elsewhere , when the smell was worse than the heat lol. We try to put a maintenance schedule on everything and Ciejay checks it once a month to see what we need to have fixed or maintained during the month. Sorry to say that most folks here in Thailand forget that stuff needs checked for cleaning , oiling , or general maintenance  and you can see lots of things broke and laying  around the side or back of the house that would have lasted for years if only a little TLC had be included in the owning of it . We have lived in our home with all of our stuff we bought 9 years ago and have only had to replace a few light fixtures that were in the house when we bought it.The stuff we bought new , takes a licking and keeps on ticking , with a little attention and maintenance. I hope you are like us and value the stuff you have spent your hard earned cash on and have learned that you can enjoy it for a long time with a little care , and you know what ?? it's never to late to start.


Bruno M.W. Bloch said...

Instead of manually checking a handwritten list of to dos you could create one on free service and it will remind you when it´s due. It can handle recurring events as well and syncs to mobile phones too if you want.

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

It definitely pays to take good care of ones home.

Anonymous said...

Buy a bottle of car vinyl protector and spray it immediately on anything newly purchased that is either plastic or rubber. Occasional spraying should help extend the life of these products significantly.