Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Lunch Time in Wang Pho

Right beside the Hot Dog man is his wifes noodle stand , and it doesn't get any better than this.
Hot coffee, Iced Coffee, a Smoothie fruit drink and ice cold or Pepsi or a Coke

This lady is here every day except thursday and she picks the corn fresh every day, Thais boil their corn till all the taste and sugar is gone , but she will boil mine for only eight minutes for me , just right .And the hot dogs are chicken.

This lady is a great cook and every evening she has a couple choices of Thai food for sale to take home and enjoy.

They line up every day for this fresh corn on the cob and believe it or not she will sell out every day , so you have to get there before to late or you will be out of luck.

This is the pork meat ball and beef Hot Dog man , he grills them to perfection and them dips them in to his special secret sauce and they are to kill for . Yummy.

Ciejay and me made a couple agreements before we got married , having been married before we both knew how much work goes in to making a happy home and each one doing his or her share of the work and chores, to make life and home a happy and enjoyable place to live and love. One of them was that she cooks four days a week and I cook three days , and we pretty much stick to that agreement even after  12 years of marriage. Now I just love when it comes my time here in Thailand and the LOS , I just jump on the old Honda wave and to the market square I go , there is always a lot of vendors selling some of the best food, cooked right there in front of you. Fresh hot off the grill ,or out of the pot. Ciejay never complains that I take the easy way out , since we have moved to Thailand , and the best part is ,I can buy lunch or dinner for the both of us for about 60 baht .Less than three dollars US. Such a deal. Ciejay is a great cook and it is always a treat to sit down to her table , she prepares everything she cooks with love and kindness and always sits a beautiful table , never just throws stuff together and never just throws it on the table . Everything is served most meals , in our collector set of coke cola dishes that our friends brought over when they came over for a visit , we had given them to these folks and they saved them , for four years to bring over to us because they knew we loved them .Bowls and Cups and little dishes for the sauces, all with the coke trade mark and always a napkin, for the fork and spoon A rare sight in most Thai homes, ( I always carry napkins in my back pocket when we go out to eat or to some Thai friends house as it seems like they never set the table with napkins, and most small village eating spots don't have napkins either, most just set a roll of toilet tissue on the table , doesn't clean your hand very well.)
If you ever come over to our house , we'll make sure it's Ciejay's day to cook.
That's just one more reason why we're Retired in Thailand and Loving It
Oh yes, and one of the other things we agreed on was I COOK YOU CLEAN. works out real well in the Burgess  house whole.  Thanks for the read  leave a comment if you enjoyed .


MJ Klein said...

nice post, Malcolm. wish i could drop by for lunch!

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