Friday, March 18, 2016

Birthday oy 74 years old and still kicking

Thanks to all my friends and family who took time out in their busy lives to wish this ole man a Happy

Birthday , I'm 74 now and today's Dr. check -up said all my Numbers or normal anddddd my Dr. she said 

I was the senior Poster Man in her book , and good to go for lots more years . Yee Haa .Had a great day 

friends and family stopped by with well wishes and and I had dinner at the Jungle Restaurant with the 

LOVE OF MY LIFE Ciejay. Thanks AGAIN for the well wishes.


AlaskaDave said...

Missed the big day but sending you a Happy Birthday from Chiang Mai!!

yusrina said...

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hello.. greetings from Malaysia
my names yusrina
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