Friday, January 9, 2009

Amazing Thailand

Every day in Thailand is like living in a fairy tale land, there is always something new to do or to see or to experience. every time we step outside of our home , we are always treated to something new by this amazing place we now call home . Yesterday I was given a fruit that I had never ate before , the day before, I caught a fish ,and ate it ,that I had never caught or seen before , and I might add ,it was delish, Ciejay made pla tum yum . And just today as I was riding my Honda Wave to the market to buy fresh veggies for lunch and dinner tonite I saw a bird that I have only seen in pictures. And thats not the end of the story yet , while watering the plants and waiting for Ciejay to call me to dinner I looked on a limb of my mango, orchid tree and there was the mosy unusual and beautiful insect I have ever seen, I could not belive my eyes . quickly I snapped a couple of shots of it for fear it would fly away , but to my surprise it is still hanging around . Ciejay said she saw one when she was a little girl and that Mom called it a Jac a Jon.( I'm sure that is not the right spelling , but thats the best I can do ) have you ever seen one ? I hope so . you will never forget it . Also what does your Thai mate call it ? I have included a few snaps of the things mention in this post hope you enjoy them , and please do take the time to enjoy the wonders of this piece of heaven on earth we live in called Thailand.

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