Thursday, January 8, 2009


Here are a few of the sunrises and sunsets that I have captured from our view point of the mountains and sky from our front porch, we live at the foot of the mountain range and up on a small hill that gives us a good view of things .
I have always wanted to take pictures and share them with friends and family and I find no better place than here in the Land of Smiles, that Ciejay and me now call home .
I would like to add that if you ever see a picture I have put on my site you are more than welcome to download or copy or print and enjoy them as much as I enjoy taking them. I have enlarged a few myself and hung on our wall and also gave as gifts for house warmings, the folks seem to enjoy, I know I enjoy it when people say where did you get that picture , and I can say ,oh I took it ,while trying not to look like they just made my day . Hope you enjoy them too. The cube is a experiment.


Hoo Don said...

The experiment is a wonderful success and on top of your new look layout for your blog, a double success. Most people enjoy viewing sunsets, I think because any two are never the same and with the surroundings you live within it really does make for some beautiful photographic shots. Don't try hanging the cube from your ceiling, looks rather heavy. Nice to see you blogging more regular, always interesting to read. Regards to Ciejay.

Mike Rose said...

Well Malcolm they were here last night, but when I came back for a look and comment they are gone.

Do you have a technical problem?

BTW I agree with HD nice to see a few more posts.