Sunday, November 1, 2009


Can anyone remember that movie from 1941 ?It was a great movie and was shown on tv many times , it stared Walter Pigeon and Mareen O'Hara and won five academy awards, I remember seeing it as a young fellow and loved it . Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day with no rain in sight (I think it's over) and beings I had to go out of the house and getting my second rabies shot at the local hospital , I thought to myself "it's a great day for a ride thru the Sai Yok valley and for a ride to see Kat at the Bamboo School and to visit a couple of ladies that were there from my home state of North Carolina." As I was driving thru the valley that movie and the title poped into my head and I started to look at all the beauty around me and it took me twice as long to get to the School than normal because, I was stopping evey few miles to take some pictures of my valley and the little mountains that seen to grew up put of nowhere that I wanted to share with you ,the readers of Retired In Thailand and Loving It. Also I wanted to show you a few more of the reasons I love it here in the LOS.
Was a great visit with Kat and the ladies and I got to hold the little baby girl that was left for Kat , she has doubled her weight and now weights five pounds. She is such a cutie and loves to be held , I think all babies do , and of course she had to pee pee on Grand-pa malcolm , Kat said not to worry she had a diaper on . Lots of folks are coming for medical help to the Bamboo Hospital and Kat has her hands full running the School , taking care of all the kids needs and schooling , and loving and caring for them and now as the head nurse at the little clinic , I don't know how she does it , but she seems to live for the School , the kids and now the hospital ., the people in the villages are soooooo,blessed to have her there , while I was there ,she was loading up medical supplies and was getting ready to go to a jungle village and have a health day for them , helping those she can there and bringing others back to the clinic for follow up , cleaning and putting bandges on cuts and sores and giving out advise and lessons on health and welfare, and adding a little of Gods word and prayers to those that ask why she loves and cares sooooooo much .

Hope you enjoy the pictures and that it brings back a few good memories of maybe the place you grew up are maybe even the place you live now , take a look around you and see all the beauty, and for those that live in the city , maybe its time for a drive out to the valley for some fresh air and a look to see How Green is Your Valley.

And as always you're always welcome here in Whang Pho and we'll be glad to take you a drive thru our Valley. Malcolm


Anonymous said...

All of creation is a reflection of our Creator - the "Tree of Life"

Blessings to you and your family Malcolm.

Talen said...

Beautiful pictures Malcolm, I'd love to visit your neck of the woods one day.

Martyn said...

Malcolm your photos don't look anything like where I live, I'm not that lucky. Kat is one amazing lady and I wonder when was the last time she took a vacation. She works tirelessly and all for the good of others but I'm sure if some rich millionaire offered her the trip of a lifetime she wouldn't be able to tear herself away from her flock. She's even more amazing than the photographs of your valley and that's saying something.... Woof Woof...calm down Malcolm it's only a puppy.

Camille said...

Looks lovely around there!

Anonymous said...

malcolm, was a great pleasure to meet you at momo cats. thanks for adding our pictures in your story. i hope to see you again my next visit. beautiful pictures!!! ruthie
asheville, north carolina