Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mad-Dog Malcolm

In the old days of the C-B radios that everyone in America had at one time , a home base station and a C-B in the car or truck , this was of course,before cell phone and all the pods and berries, in the communication world today, I said all that to say that "MAD-DOG MALCOLM" was my C-B handle. Today that name almost became a reality for me , Heres the story.
About 9 am this morning , I heard one of the puppies crying on the front porch so I got up and got dressed and went to check it out . She (Blackie) was just laying there and not moving at all , I went to pick her up and she went into convulsions for about a good 3 minutes with me standing there not knowing what to do . Then she stopped and was breathing heavy and looking lke she was dying , so I went to pick her up and ,would you believe it she bite me , I'm not talking nipped me, I mean bite me and I had to pry her mouth open to get my finger loose. OUCH!!!. I called Ciejay because I was bleeding a lot and then the puppy started to foam at the mouth and convulse again, scared Ciejay a lot .Well we both thought rabies and decided we need to get me and the puppy to a Dr. to find out whats -up. I got a towel and threw it over the puppy and put it in a bucket that was near by and then we took off first to the Animal Hospital about six kilometre, from the house. When we got there all was quite in the bucket , and we handed it over to the Vet , when she reached in the puppy started again , they put on heavy gloves and took her out and tied her mouth with a string and laid her on the table and she calmed down . they took a swab of her mouth and said it would take a day to find out if she had rabies and in the mean time to be on the safe side I should go to our local hospital and let them give me a tetanus shot and clean my wound, so off we go to the hospital , where Ciejay tells them I have been bitten by a mad dog , well they rushed me into the emergency room and before you could say Boo they were washing my wounded finger and then I was being given a tetanus shot in one arm and a rabies shot in the other , the Dr. said different people react different to rabies and she did not want to wait a day or two to find out , sooooo in the other arm went the rabies shot and four more shots are lined up over the next week or two, thank goodness they don't have to do them in the stomach any more ., lots of anti -biotics and a pain killer and I'm off to the animal hospital again to check on the puppy and see if they think there is a chance she has rabies or not., well when we got there they had her sadated and calmed down and the Vet said 99% she was sure there was no rabies , but they needed to X-ray her to find the problem , because every time she was picked up she started crying and convulsing again, I said ok, and in a few minutes they called me in to the medical room and we looked at the X-rays and I couldn't believe it , both of her hips bones were out of joint , she must have fell off the porch during the night , but we had taken lots of steps to make sure that they could get up and down the stairs ,by adding a couple of concret blocks to make them short steps for them , she must have just fell off during the night trying to get down to go poo poo or something , I have been training them to go in the side woods and they were doing good at going by themselves.
Back to me for a second , the Dr, said that I should keep taking the rabies shots just for good measure , and better safe than sorry , I said ok. 500 baht a pop four more to go .
Back to the puppy, we now have pain killers and bone strenghten pills and anti-biotics, and a lesson in physcial therapy for me for the puppy in hopes that we can get the hips to go back in place and stay and also I have to teach her to swim , and let her swim in my pond a couple of time a week , as that is the best therapy for this problem of the hips.Back in the bucket she goes and we head home , I've made a new bed for her on a lower level and now only time will tell if we can get her back on her feet again, I hope so , because she is a really sweet natured puppy., and Ciejay has taken a liken to her. Between Her and Me and the many trips between ,her and my hospital , we have spent a lot of time and Baht, trying to keep her from going Mad and me from becoming a real" MAD-DOG MALCOLM"
As a side note , I guess she never heard the ole saying "NEVER BITE THE HAND THAT FEEDS YOU ".
Have you ever been bitten by a dog and did you have to go thru the rabies shots ? It wasn't as painful as I had heard and, the worse part ,I think ,was thinking that maybe I could have rabies , that really scared me and Ciejay too. 10 /4 old buddy , I'm outa here , catch you on the flip flop.
Mad -Dog Malcolm (almost)


Anonymous said...

10/4 MAD DOG MALCOLM, Roger that. On the look out for dogs foaming at the mouth; I'll run them over with my semi .... NOT; 55; j/k

Hope the finger heals quickly !

Talen said...

You don't do anything half way do you Malcolm?

Sounds like a bad day all around for everyone involved. The rabies shots don't sound like fun but like the Doc said better safe than sorry.

Hope you feel better and I hope the puppy's hips get back to where they belong and stay there.

Malcolm and Ciejay Burgess said...

Yes ,I hope this finger heals quickly too , a little swollen this morning , after all it's my pecking finger,ha ha , thankd for the read Non stay tuned for more exciting stuff from Mad -Dog

Talen , at my age any way is all the way ha ha , yesterday was a can of worms , but hopefully all will end well , and it was a wild ride all day , thanks for the stop by and the get well soon comments , seems like I've been getting a lot of them lately , I need to "Buck up" or "Cowboy up" as my sister in Texas says

MJ Klein said...

Malcolm, what was the reason for the convulsions and foaming? was the puppy simply in so much pain from the hip dis-locations?

i certainly hope it's not rabies. fortunately that is one thing we don't have to worry about in Taiwan. at least there is that advantage to being on a small island.

heal well, and i'll be looking for an update soon. take care!

Mike said...

Well you have certainly been in the wars!

Mad Dog heh? I've forgotten most of the old CB stuff but your reference reminded me of happy days and that song dedicated to truckers (Can't remember the name).

Hope you both heal quickly no Loi Krathongs for you!

Anonymous said...

Truckers Songs

name is Convoy - Boxcar Willie has a good tune.

Martyn said...

Malcolm I hope the pup recovers soon and your finger licking digit too. Young pups are a bit of a worry healthwise until they get a little bigger and used to the surroundings they live in. Make sure you give the pup lots of gentle attention as I know you will. I hope you update everyone with some positive progress soon and Mad Dog...if you start foaming at the mouth, put your teeth into a glass and get down to the vet straight away.

Ben Shingleton said...

Hey Malcolm, a few years back on my second visit to Thailand I was bitten on the leg by Sutiya's rather large St Bernard. I'm not kidding, he really bit me, and having never been bitten by a mutt this big before it was a big eye opener. The Thai's made me feel better because apparently it's considered good luck!! at least thats what they told me at the time..>!