Thursday, February 25, 2010


Well, as they say where I come from "there goes the neighborhood" . I would hear the older folks say this when I was growing up and I never knew what they were talking about , they would always say it when new folks would move in or when a new house was being built. Now that I am one of the old folks , I understand what they were saying , they were jokingly saying , "there goes the peace and quiet days" , and the nice quiet evenings sitting on the porch listening to the birds and frogs and all the other sounds of a small neighborhood ,with only a few folks living there and also NOT A LOT OF NOISEY KIDS AND TEENS RACING UP AND DOWN THE ROAD.
I said all that ,because , now on our little quiet street , the folks that own the property all around us have divided it up and gave each of their kids a piece of the neighborhood (my paradise) and being a part of the new generation of Thai's they have decided to build apartments on their share . Soooooo now they have started to build and I can now say with my folks of old "there goes the neighborhood and my peace and quiet. I can just see in my minds eye folks moving in with lots of teens and their motorcycles, and their visiting friends and their loud music and parties and all the boyfriends coming to see the girls and all the little kids running up and down the road fighting over toys and crying about ever little thing .OMG I'm sounding like the OLD FART that Ciejay calls me sometimes , and a lot like my DAD. HELPPPPPP . Malcolm


Anonymous said...

HELLLLPP. we are all lost to expanding growth. no way to escape it!

Malcolm and Ciejay Burgess said...

Anonymous , well I guess this is where the ole Thai saying comes to mind "Mia Pen Rai" ha ha

Mike said...

Malcolm, as you say mai pen rai! Just a thought, it may be the angle of the photographs but the pre-cast support columns don't look very straight!

Perhaps it will fall down when you get a breeze :-)

martyn said...

Malcolm all good things come to an end but I'm sure yours still has years to run.

The kids might be delightful, charming little rascals who are a joy to watch..... On the other hand....Motorbikes can be noisy and footballs do break glass...Good luck.