Saturday, February 6, 2010

Things to Do in Thailand-What do you Recommend?#comments

Things to Do in Thailand-What do you Recommend?#comments
Of course as far as this old visitor to the LOS is concerned , no trip to Thailand would be complete without a trip to kanchanaburi to visit the famous Bridge on The River Kwai and Hell Fire Pass, you can arrange a day trip at lots of places in BKK or you can get in a cab or tuk tuk from you hotel or guest house, and ask to be taken to Bangkok Noi train station, and at 7 am and 1pm every day the train ride (3 hours) or more will take you to Kanchanaburi , from the train station you go across the road to the famous War Cemetery and its a short walk or taxi or pick-up to the Bridge from there you can arrange a trip to the Hell Fire Pass or ride the train to Whang Pho and visit the famous Viaduct built by POW's in WWll, either way guided or not you'll have the time of your life and see more history in one day than you ever thought possible and hear and see things you never before have seen . You can do a lot on your own , but the tours are fun too. Malcolm

Schroll down a couple post for some great pictures of the Famous Bridge and Viaduct and Hell Fire Pass


Talen said...

I know everyone has a different idea of things to be done in Thailand but as always I have an ever growing list .

1. Visit many Wats...they are so beautiful and peaceful and great photo ops.

2. When I do make the move I plan on attending as many of the festivals as I can across Thailand.

While there are many many more cites and things to experience in Thailand I dont think it's as much the place but the exploration that is so enjoyable.

Mike said...

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mary ruth said...

hello nice page. just a line to tell you grandpa moore died tuseday. mama i s doing good

A True Friend to China said...

Whenever people say they want to get out of Bangkok to see something of Thailand but haven't got too much time, I always say Kanchanaburi. It has everything.

The rivers and mountains do not come second to northern Thailand which is an awfully long way away.

Andrew Hicks

PS I tried an antihistamine for my cold but I think it just made me sleepy.

Anonymous said...

very useful read. I would love to follow you on twitter. By the way, did anyone hear that some chinese hacker had busted twitter yesterday again.