Saturday, October 9, 2010

Run for your life

Someone told me that the small lizards that make themselves at home in may of our houses (wheither we want them to or not) would eat each other , I never believed them till yesterday when I saw first hand the act of cannalibism with my own eyes and was able to get a couple pictures to post for your enlightenment. I hate all the droppings we have to vaccum up every morning , but it is better than spiders and mozzies, they will eat both . Malcolm


Boonie S said...

The animal kingdom is amazingly brutal, uh? It's too bad that we humans are often no better.
Disturbing photos. Well captured.

All the best, Boonie

khemarat said...

Well said Boonie S

Jimbo said...

Jing-Jok tahn Jing-Jok :)

Catherine said...

I have one little gecko in my condo that is driving the cats to distraction. They chitter chatter and clack at this tiny thing making its way across the ceiling. Back and forth.

Now, if I had more, from your posts looks like they take care of their own (in a squeamish way...)

I don't mind geckos, I just don't want them to jump out of my cereal in the morning.