Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wang Pho Tetsaban and Village folks to the rescue

Putting out a plea , and thanking the people for their help

The response was great , people were coming , walking , motor scooters, bicyles , cars and trucks , bringing what they could

food and water and help is on the way from Wang Pho

As most of you know , Thailand and it's people have been experiencing a lot of flooding in the past month and over a million folks have been affected , many people have pitched in and helped to send relief to as many of the people as possible . I take my hat off to all the effort I have seen in the media and the support they have given to the people in need . Thailand loves their own and when there is a need the people of Thailand rise to the occasion. We in the Burgess house whole have sent some monies to help where it was needed . Today it really got close to home when our local tetsaban announced over the speakers that some people in the Sai Yok district were in need of help , you should have seen the response from the folks of our village , almost everyone was giving something and the local police men were loading it into trucks , and as soon as it was full they took off and another empty would pull in and wait to be loaded , I was sooo pleased with the response from Wang Pho and the surrounding villages, and it made me proud to be a part of such caring people. Ciejay and me jumped in and did our part on the local level as well, and we are so glad that we know the people are getting food and water , that is needed sooo bad. Help were you can ,and remember those in need. Malcolm and Ciejay


Martyn said...

Thailand's current problems with flooding is hitting the headlines worldwide and I hope aid is getting through to those who most need it.

Wang Pho has shown a great community spirit in its helping of others. Well done to everyone involved.

Lawrence said...

A very heart-warming story, Malcolm. It's good to see people responding so well when they sense real need.

Talen said...

Great story Malcolm, it's been very tough watching the news every night and seeing so much devastation because of the floods.

But the flip side is all the wonderful outpouring of help from local communities such as Wang Pho.