Wednesday, November 17, 2010


This is at the entrance to the Temple or (Park)
Tall pole inside of the gate which was closed this day

As seen from the road
Now that's a big mouth full of water fall

Ciejay looks real small stand in front of the Drago

This looked very old

OPPS dragon again
Looks like a gift shop and museum

Ciejay again

My truck in front of the dragon--- this thing is big

A few days ago Ciejay and me took a day trip over to Supan Buri to visit sister Tui for lunch and to pick up some herbs she had for us . On our way right before the bus station on the left hand side of the road is a huge decorated with carvings pole (totem pole) of Chinese subjects, I think . This thing is big and if you drive inside the temple or park , not sure which one , they have made the largest Dragon I have ever seen constructed out of concrete . It looks like you can go in thru the front and must be filled with some kind of displays . they were closed when we got there so we couldn't go inside and the writing was in Chinese for the most part . It looks like off to the side they are building homes and shops , and it looks like they are maybe planning a small Chinese village . Has anyone else seen this and have more info than me ?? We plan on another day trip when it is open and exploring it for a few hours and getting all the info we can for a future post . Lots of pictures and hope you enjoy . You can see the size of the dragon with Ciejay looking like a ant standing in front and also my truck looks like a toy
I don't know a lot about it and I'm sure it would make for a fun day for anyone , if nothing else ,just to see this big Dragon with a Water Fall coming out of his mouth. Malcolm

You never know what you will run upon when you are traveling in the LOS , and as I have said before that's what I love about being Retired In Thailand and Loving It.


MJ Klein said...

fantastic! great photos, Malcolm!

Snap said...

Malcolm, that’s a massive dragon. I visited a temple not far from Bangkok that may come close in size, but the dragon spirals up and around a cylindrical (pink) building. Impressive!

kris said...

HUGE!! Malcolm. Am looking forward to the pictures from the innards of that monster, great pictures. K

thaikarl said...

amazing. i'll have to go there when i get home again. following you blog posts makes me homesick. specially since it's going down to -5C in the next couple of days in seattle.

Peter_M said...

That looks like a dragon well worth visiting. I think a visit to Suphan Buri is in order. Snap, I know the dragon you mean near BKK. I read about it on a blog a while ago. It looks a pretty bizarre sight, but I have yet to visit it.