Monday, November 8, 2010

Market Day in Wang Pho

Most of these veggies were growing out behind his house just the day before , he has a huge garden.
I swear this pork is so fresh , I thought I heard a loud squeal

these eggs are so fresh that when they start to run low they run out to the truck where the hens are laying more on demand.

After all the eggs are laid they then are sold here , minus all their feathers of course

Believe it are not , but some of these fish are still flopping around on the table .

It's been a while since I posted anything about one of my favorite things to do here in Wang Pho , doing the weekly shopping at our fresh fruit and veggie market and oh ya I don't want to forget the fresh meat and fish market too
I can't wait for the net to get sooo advanced that we will have scratch and sniff available on all the pictures . The one great thing about the fresh market is all the wonderful smells all mixed together . I would be amiss if I forgot to mention that on market days there is also a lot of already cooked food vendors at the market about 25% of the market is fast (Thai style ) food to take home to eat. Ciejay and me talked about it one day and we both agreed that if we really wanted to we would never have to cook at home ever, and fresh cooked meals are within 5 minutes ride or walk from our home , something to think about as we get older , ha ha ..
Sorry no scratch and sniff , but hope you enjoy the pictures . Malcolm
Do you have a fresh fruit and veggie market near you and do you visit it often ????
We have a huge Tesco Lotus that we could buy our fruit and veggies if we wanted to , but not only are the local markets stuff fresher , it helps our local farmer to sell their stuff and get a little income from all their hard work and it also keeps our little town from being a poor village .


Anonymous said...

M. Another boring post about nothing. HaHa. I love each and everyone of them! Keep it up...It gives me hope of what I might have one day.

kris said...

Malcolm, I must agree with anonymous "Mike" short, to the point and honest. We are called "expats" living in Thailand. Expats in our home Countries are called immigrants. I don't know, I just like Thailand, my thoughts and my thoughts only, yet another honest day to day blog from you, love 'em! K

Malcolm and Ciejay Burgess said...

Thanks you guys for stopping and taking time to read my little blog , even if they are boring , thats the things I love about this LOS even the small things give me pleasure, and make my life in my golden Years rich , thanks again for reading . Malcolm

Martyn said...

Malcolm you are so right about Thailand's markets, there are truly wonderful places to visit. Looking at the smiling faces in your photos then you're one popular visitor to Wang Pho's market stalls.

If scratch and sniff photos do ever evolve then our market posts are going to get one hell of a lot of hits. Though it might be best to leave out the dried fish shots.

LindyLouMac said...

I love to visit markets wherever we travel as they are usually a true insight into local life and culture.

Your local market certainly looks interesting. We also support our local producers via the weekly market as much as we can, although we grow a lot of fruit and veg ourselves.

Jon said...

Another great post, great pictures. I love the markets mostly due to the fresh wonderfull food.


Mike said...

Malcolm, nice pics I can almost smell the smells, so uniquely Thai. No need for scratch cards.

We seem to have phases shopping and now tend to give the village markets a miss and just go to the main one in PKK given the huge choice there.

My biggest complaint here is that the fruit is not always the best quality-probably because its grown up your way and further North.

That said the sea-food is great-swings and roundabouts.

BTW this is the Mike from PKK not the anon one ;-)

Janette said...

I just love wandering through the markets. Your pics make me feel homesick.

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