Monday, December 27, 2010

Organic Yard

We don't live on a farm , but we have farm animals in the yard from time to time .
Just when I was saying to Ciejay
that I needed to go to the Farm Store to buy some fertilizer for the grass and plants , here comes the neighbor to the rescue and brings a couple of organic fertilizer producing walking machines to take care of the job for me and it's all for free, I just had to stand guard around my flowers , they like them as a appetizer, ha ha . You never know what you're going to find in your yard some days, that's what makes life here in the LOS interesting . Ever have cows grazing in your front yard??? well it's a first for us too, but it does have a side benefit, I'm just glad we have some sunshine to dry the cow dung quickly. Malcolm


Martyn said...

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you and Ciejay.

Best wishes from Martyn and Wilai here in Loei.

Lawrence said...

Hi Malcolm. No cows in our yard so far, but we used to have marauding chickens from next door. That neighbour sold up, though, luckily. Most recently our newly-found turkey farmer let Pensri take lots of dung and it has done wonders for some of the shrubbery.

Happy New Year to you both.

kris said...

We wish you and CieJay a very prosperous and healthy New Year. May you continue to live happily "in the Land Of Smiles" and also to keep "loving it".

Kris and Cat

martyn said...

Malcolm fertilizer of the highest quality, it's a pity you can't train them where to drop it. A few turkeys in the garden would also be handy this time of year.

Nice short post and a happy New Year to you and Ciejay from myself and the young one.

Anonymous said...

hey M. like the new background color for each posts !

Anonymous said...

Hi Dad,
If you need me to, I can come and poop in your back yard and help you out. HAHAHA. Sawadee Be Mei(Happy New Year) you old fart. LOL> Love you,
Richard ( your son)

Unknown said...

Not sure if this counts, but our neighbourg had a cow visiting in their open "living room" the other day.