Friday, January 7, 2011

So much to see and do and tell

This was what greeted us as we started our day of adventures
Looking across the river from where we were fishing

The cemetery on the way

As far as you could see

Jerry getting ready to catch a big one , this was a coal day ha ha

Fun on the River Kwai

A barge full of sand headed down river for processing

Barges ready to pump the sand

Pumping the sand

I'm ready

Getting ready

This is the kind of fish we were catching , Ciejay made Tum Yum Pla one night and Pla Red Curry over Jasmine rice the next day yum yum

This is my secret spot I found

It don't get no better than this

This was a great day fishing and relaxing and watching all kinds of birds in the trees .

I even found time to take a NAP in the lounge chair there , afterwards a picnic lunch I had packed and another nap I caught two that day.

Cruising down the river to check his fish nets and baskets , was the only noise I heard the whole day , of course there were the sounds of birds and the river and fish jumping .

The last few days have been a lot of fun , I have found a couple new fishing spots and tried them out with my fishing friend Jerry ," some days diamond and some days coal" as the song goes ,some days we catch fish and other days we just drown a lot of worms , ha ha ha , but as I have said before you never know what you going to see on you way to and adventure and another unexpected adventure jumps right out in front of you , sometimes the surprise one is as exciting as the planned one .
This post is a composite of a few days and some of the things I have seen and done . I am so amazed ,every day it seems like something new and different unfolds in front of my eyes and the lens of my little Sony Cyber-shot camera, some things I was prepared for, others are just there on the way to something else . I hope you enjoy the pictures and will try to tell a little about each as I post them .

One very unexpected and beautiful place we came upon as I came around the curve ,was a huge Chinese cemetery as far as the eye could see. It was so clean and well kept and very impressive , and you could just see the pride in the living paying respect to the dead.

Not to stop there , as we came to our planned fishing spot , out in the middle of the Famous River Kwai was a huge barge that was pumping sand from the river bottom and pouring it like a fine spray onto smaller barges being towed up and down the river from the sand pumper barge to the sand processing and storage plant , VERY interesting, and a new adventure for me . Thanks for letting me share some of my fun times with you with my little stories and pictures , It's just another of the reasons why I'm Retired in Thailand and Loving It. Malcolm


Anonymous said...

Great photos. Thanks for sharing them.
We’ve got a fairly old Cybershot and we love it. We bought a newer camera (not a Sony) and it’s nothing like as good. They’re great little cameras, uh.

All the best, Boonie

Lawrence said...

What a lovely few days you had, Malcolm. I had never seen anything in fishing, but I do now, thanks to this post. There's certainly something calming about big expanses of water which is why I love visiting the Mekong so much. Some nice 'philosophical' thoughts here too regarding adventures. I think you are very much in the Huck Finn/Tom Sawyer tradition.

Sony Cybershot? Me, too.

kris said...

Magnificent! What a great time you are having and no, it don't get better than that!

Malcolm and Ciejay Burgess said...

Thanks for all the comments and kind words and thanks again for reading my little blog , come on over to Wang Pho and we'll drown a few worms at my favorite fishing spot . Malcolm

Mike said...

Malcolm, it looks great fun. I used to enjoy fishing back home but haven't tried it here.

Did you catch any big ones?

Martyn said...

Malcolm you've posted some smashing photos to accompany your two day adventure. The views look beautiful and I know first hand what a lovely part of Thailand you live in. I won't ever forget the great time I had in Kanchanaburi and I hope to repeat the experience again some day.

Thai you're talking. I love the skin more than the meat, especially if it's a little burnt and real real salty.

Malcolm and Ciejay Burgess said...

Thanks for the read everyone Boonie I love my cybershot
Lawrence , I always say " a day fishing is better than a day not fishing " I call fishing my "unwinder"
Kris , You know I love fishing
Mike , you need to get a pole and give it a try , I'll bet theres some graet surf fishing down your way and I know they have some great lakes, and the girls would love to pinic while you fish , and maybe they would love to fish , who knows
Martyn , yes we had a couple of great days and thanks for kind words , we love Kanchanaburi , and r the sourrounding area and you've been in Issan to long fish skin yuky ha ha

Take care everyone . Malcolm

richard said...

Hi Malcolm and Ciejie! Great pics and a very nice trip. I have not gone fishing since I've been here but one of these days! I still have not bought a new camera but very soon...I am running out of pics I have on my computer for my blog...

I will be traveling in April after I renew my visa and perhaps we can meet! Ciejie can teach me how to cook! LOL

Ben Shingleton said...

Hi Malcolm, sounds like the perfect day! - I love fishing, and Thailand / The River Kwai has to be one of the best places in the world to do it! - Good luck, Ben

Jade said...

Hello matte great blog