Thursday, January 27, 2011

The pain of it all by Kris

This is a e-mail I got from my friend Kris , He lives up North and has been having a little trouble with his feet and legs , soooo I'll just let him tell you the story himself . It's always good to hear about others living here in the LOS and their experiences when they do need medical attention.
Yesterday I was in so much pain we traveled to the hospital in Ubon, man what a trip. I will start our day in the Emergency room from whence the story will blossom. As usual a lovely Thai nurse took my blood pressure and remarked "Blood pressure high." I replied "Oh, that is not good." The end of the conversation. As thinking beyond the ER walls was out of the question I didn't explain to her that I had just driven some 80 kilometres in extreme pain. Everytime I needed to start off, stop or change gears I had to use an arm to lift my left leg up to be able to place my foot on the clutch knowing each and every movement would cause pain. On arrival at the hospital I had to hobble over to the steps leading up to the main entrance. Halfway up the steps I had to have a rest as to on reaching the top. I hobbled into the reception area with all and sundry looking at me, I then "fell" into a waiting chair. Full of concern, by this time a nurse grabbed an orderly who grabbed a wheel chair. Please sit in this chair she says. Now once you take the pressure off the leg the pain increases somewhat for a couple of minutes then subsides again to barely tolerable. Now to get up again will only increase the pain, sit down again and increase the pain. I figured if I could make it into the wheel chair then perhaps I could remain there until the whole hospital ordeal was over.................and that lovely smiling yet somewhat concerned nurse who took my blood pressure found it to be slightly raised???!!!!
As usual once I was wheeled into the waiting area all went rather quickly and very efficiently. I only had to wait about 10 minutes to see the Doctor. He asked me if I had an injury or illness to which I replied that I was not a doctor but I thought I had a build up of uric acid (gout). He checked my left knee and said "yes, you are right, we need to take blood." Wheeled out again, blood taken and sent off to the lab. Half an hour later back in to see the doc. Yes, uric acid, I will get an injection for you and some medication. Wheeled out and around the corner, please lay down in that wheel chair (more of a wheel bed I think), undo you belt and roll over!!!! OK, that done back outside to the waiting room, pay the bill and get the medication. Medication 1,350 baht, Pathology 100 baht, other medical service charge (?) maybe the injection? 50 baht, Doctors fee 230 baht a grand total of 1,730 baht and all done in a 2 hour time frame, pretty good I reckon.
OK now we take outside. Once again I was wheeled away to just outside the main entrance doors. "Can't you wheel me to my car?" No, we stop here.
Take care, Kris


Martyn said...

Malcolm - I'm glad Kris made it to the hospital and got the treatment he needed to relieve the pain. It's just a pity he didn't take a few pictures of those pretty young things called nurses.

I checked out uric acid and gout on the net and here's a snippet of what it said about it.

'Excess serum accumulation of uric acid can lead to a type of arthritis known as gout.This painful condition is the result of needle-like crystals of uric acid precipitating in joints and capillaries'.

Sounds painful and enough to put less tougher souls 'out for the gout'.

khemarat said...

Martyn, good point but I must tell you that at that stage my mind was really not on photography! Absolutely on top of the world this morning!! Look out yard, here I come!! Kris