Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Khanom Khao Lam ( sticky rice in bamboo)

The other day Ciejay and me took a ride out in the country , to a local Thai Temple that holds a flea market every Sunday early in the morning , all the things are sold as is and there is lots of treasures and collectibles to be had as well as a lot of stuff for the handy man around the house.All proceeds from the sale of items donated go to the up-keep of the Temple and they also hire local men to work in the flea market thus providing a little income where there would be none . More on this story next week as I forgot to take any pictures as I was sooo busy bargain hunting , I promise a good story and lots of pictures .
But, back to this story of the sticky rice cooked in Bamboo .
I had eaten a Khao Lam a time or two and loved it , but I could never find them for sale around our village , well today as we were driving I saw a table covered with them and a lady who made them told Ciejay that she makes about a hundred of them every morning and folks come from all over the area to buy them and she said that every once in a while she will get a order for a lot of them as some folks will buy them wholesale from her and take them to their villages and sell them retail, she also told Ciejay that there is a lady from our village that buys from her a couple times a week and sells them in Wang Pho , But, you have to get there early because she sells out fast , I guess that's the reason I have never seen them for sell , as I am not to much at being a early riser.

The lady's husband cuts the bamboo from the mountain behind their house and then cuts them into about a foot long piece and cleans them for her to fill with sticky rice ( white and black ) and black bean and coconut milk and then she puts a plug of banana leaf in the top to keep all the rice inside during the cooking stage . After the are done cooking she puts them in bundles of three and sells them for 100 baht for three. You can buy for a little less if you take a few bundles and she sometimes throws in a few one or two sticks for good will. After you buy them she will take a small hatchet and cut the tops for you so you can pull the bamboo away to get at the treat inside and I must say it is a real treat and a extra treat if you get there early and they are still warm Yum Yum..

Have you ever had them and if so what did you think . I now know where to get them and for sure when I am on the way to the flea market early Sunday mornings I will be stopping to pick some up for my lunch snack and I'll get a few extra for the neighbors ( they love them too ) .
I didn't get there early enough to get pictures of her making and stuffing them , but I got a few pictures of her operation and assembly area , Hopefully I can get more photos on my next trip , I gleamed a couple photos from the www. to show you also .

All this great and New food that I am still discovering , after 7 years living here , make everyday life here in the LOS exciting (to say the least) and Khao Lam is just one more reason why I'm Retired in Thailand and Loving It. Malcolm

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