Saturday, February 5, 2011

Snake in the neighbor's bathroom

This is what he looked like (picture from www.
This was what he looked like when I saw him , he was 5 1/2 foot long

Ciejay was watering the plants yesterday ,when she heard someone screaming Help!!! , Help!!!!, someone Help me please , she recognized the voice right away and her and a couple of neighbors who heard the cry too , ran ,as fast as they could run, to Nam Lum's house, thinking she had taken a bad fall and broke something , when they got there they saw Nam sitting on the toilet pointing up( Ciejay said" she was white as a sheet" ) and there in a basket of towels was a Cobra snake all raised up with his hood expanded and was weaving back and forth and hissing and (they said ) growling at her , she was scared to death , (I would have probably passed out , as the two things in Thailand that scare me the most are spiders and of course SNAKES of any kind). they were scared too and didn't know what to do , because they were afraid if they move to get Nam out of the toilet the Cobra would strike and bite her. They man who had ran in with the ladies decided to try to hit it with a stick and when he came in with the stick the cobra fell to the floor and again raised up with it's hood expanded and begin hissing again, the ladies ran and the man hit the snake in the head with the stick and then hit it a few more times just to make sure it was dead,( then and only then could they get Nam off the toliet). They carried it out and when I came back from the market Ciejay told me I had missed all the excitement( I'm really glad I wasn't there it may have been me that would have had to kill the cobra ). and that kind of excitement I was glad to miss. I got my camera and got a shot of the snake before the folks down the road came and got him and had a big bar-b-que 0f snake . (they said it taste just like chicken) They ask me if I wanted a bite , but I kindly and with great respect for the cook said" NOOOO!!!!!, I think I'll pass. "
I think this is the same snake(they all look the same to me when I'm running the other way and looking over my shoulder --ha ha ha ha ) that I saw last week in the back yard that Sabu and Nosey were barking at , he headed (the snake ) for the bushes out in the Mango field. I sure hope this was the one , I have been very careful when watering the plants at night to have lots of outside lights on so I could see all around me , and as far as I am concerned my motto when it comes to snakes is this "THE ONLY GOOD SNAKE IS A DEAD SNAKE". Sorry to all the snake lovers that's just the way I feel about snakes, and I think Nam is glad the neighbor man felt the same too.
Now I'm just glad(especially after yesterday) that we have screens and screen doors in our house , to keep the unwanted critters out.And I still look under the bed and behind the doors all the time JUST IN CASE.

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Unknown said...

Better you than me cobber! Snakes, don't like them at all. I asked Cat about food she eats up here, snake, cat, dog, frog, green ants and eggs and all of those other delicious goodies. Sooo what does all of that taste like? Chicken!! I enjoyed a roast chicken one night and asked "Cat, what was that?". "Chicken", was the reply. "Sure, says I"? "Tastes like snake". No, no, same, same, but different, little bit. When Cat visits Mother's home for a feed and on her returning the first thing I ask is "what did you eat tonight Cat?". ", you do not need to know". "Cat, you need to clean your teeth 7 times before you sleep!!".