Saturday, May 14, 2011

Going Bananas

Well, almost 6 months ago we got a banana flower on our tree and have watched with anticipation for it to get ready to harvest , well I never knew it took almost a half year for them to get ready to eat after the flower appears , but  ready they got and we were excited to get to cut them down and keep a few hands a(as they call them)  for ourselves and to share with the neighbors and friends as they have shared their harvest with us in the past, Our bananas are grown all organic with no pesticides or fertilizers and  with lots of tender love and care  , and it was well worth it , to bite into one of the sweetest and favourable bananas ,I have ever ate before , maybe I'm bragging a little , BUT they sure were good and the neighbors loved them to .
Have you ever planted a banana tree and were you able to harvest bananas for your self?

I got a few pictures of them and Ciejay and the dogs(kids)  watching the harvesting, I was surprised that the kids loved them too. . Hope you enjoy.


Anonymous said...

THOUGHT your post title was about going crazy not having a working PC, but alas, it was about the delicious, real fruit. Still all good. Haha.

LindyLouMac said...

Good to see you back on line and how wonderful to have grown your own bananas.

martyn said...

Malcolm that sure is a winning hand of bananas. That's the beauty of Thailand in that you can grow so many different fruits and vegetables to eat and cut costs in your monthly budget.

Me and bananas don't get along too well but I do occassionally enjoy a banana milkshake.

kris said...

Malcolm, I have never been accused of being overly bright but shouldn't your heading be "Groing Bananas"

I can't help it, I had a misspelled youth!!!

K & C

Tipper said...

Makes me wish I could grow them too : )

Juana said...

Hi, no I have never planted a banana tree... but enjoyed reading about yours!
I will be back to read some more :)

Juana said...

Hi! No,I have never planted a banana tree... but enjoyed reading about yours!
I will be back to read some more :)

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